NYE, Goals and Thoughts

I had a very quiet NYE. Seems everyone is saying that – is it just that everyone I know is getting older or are people getting sick of NYE as a party night? I reckon it’s the worst night of the year to go out. We went to a party, a 1st birthday party but I didn’t drink because Tim and Simon were away so I figured I’d rather stay sober and drive over to their place and sleep in air conditioned comfort rather than at home in a steaming oven.

Judging by all the broken glass on the roads around here, I’m glad I wasn’t home. My neighbourhood seems to have a plague of drunken vandalism atm. I had my side mirror smashed on my car not long ago, my housemate had his back window smashed. That’s not to mention all the screaming, yelling and cussing at all hours of the night.

Anyway, onto other things. Like 2008 goals. And 2007 summary.

This sucks cos last year was the first year in a while I finished up at a high weight than I started. Oh noes! This is how it’s gone:

2005: Lost 30 kgs – 😀

2006: Lost 10 kgs 🙂

2007: Gained 15 kgs 😦 boo, hiss!

It’s all due to eating too much and getting complacent. I have a really bad habit of eating A LOT but then exercising a lot to offset it. That works fine until I get injured or sick or whatever and can’t exercise. Then I eat the same and put on weight. Plus it’s not really dealing with any food issues.

This year is going to be about getting back to the two basic essentials – planning meals and recording everything. Without that, it’s just too easy to let things slide.

Other than that, I’ve been pretty happy with 2007. I worked a lot, earnt some money, saved some money but spent way too much. I want to cut back on spending this year. I’ve got far too many clothes, far too much other crap. I have more stuff than places to put stuff. Sure I can throw things out but it seems pointless. I want to use the stuff I’ve got and keep my money for more important things.

So food and shopping = if I don’t need it, don’t consume it. That’s mostly it really, my entire goals for 2008 condensed to one sentence.

I’ve mentioned before other goals for the year. I’ve entered to do the Run for the Kids and the Great Ocean Road half marathon. On top of that, I plan to do regular weight training, plus my boxing class and yoga. I also want to focus on building my core strength. You can never have too much core strength, you know.

Okay, there is something else I have to mention and that is writing. I’ve done very little of it lately and that’s because of something I’ve not wanted to admit to myself. See I’ve been working a novel forever and I’ve got to the point where I don’t want to work on it any more but it’s not quite finished. I’ve put so very much time into this project and I can’t just abandon it but I’ve lost all enthusiasm. It’s like this huge road block since I feel like I can’t work on anything else until I get it out of the way. I’ve been using work and other commitments as an excuse to not work on anything but it’s just an excuse, not the real reason.

This is all very rambly and not at all organised and point-formy like I wanted so I’ll add some additional life goals that I want to get done:

  • buy a new bed. My current one is nearly 20 years old!
  • get my storage space organised and get put all the stuff I don’t use every day into the storage space so I have more room at home.
  • resolve writing issues and become more productive.
  • lose 20 kgs.
  • get dental work done
  • stop procrastinating so much.

This is my summary of 2007 (I went back over my archives to see if I’d forgotten anything significant I’d done last year but all I ever post about is how much I hate my housemates…lolz)

  • ran a half marathon (and still managed to put on weight while training)
  • got half a dozen short stories & articles published while being totally unproductive and stuck
  • worked for most of the year and drove about 999,999 kms in the process
  • met lots of awesome people from online
  • had the most consumeristic year of my life. I actually bought a mobile phone because I wanted it and thought it was cool rather than getting the cheapest one in the shop because I needed a replacement (or a hand-me-down), bought an ipod nano when I had a perfectly good shuffle, bought so many clothes I forget half the stuff I own. All this is so out of character for me.
  • Drank over 1,000 cups of coffee and spent far too many hours at my local cafe.

ETA: I went for my first run for 2008 this morning.  Woohoo!  It was a pretty lousy run but run nonetheless.  When I got home, I remeasured my route because for the past few months I’ve been taking a detour through Edinburgh Gardens to avoid the sloping streets of North Fitzroy.  My 5 km is actually 5.25 km which could explain why I can never run it under 30 mins, seeing as my bestest effort on a proper running path with no cross streets etc is just a few secs under 30 mins.  I feel so much better about those extra few minutes now 🙂

Also I made up some brekkie to take camping.  Muesli with stewed nectarines and raspberries.  OMG yummy.  I’ll add yoghurt if we have somewhere to keep it cool otherwise just eat it as it is.  I also made up a batch of Lemon and Coriander Chicken with Med Vegies and Couscous for dinner tomorrow.  I normally eat that hot but figure it will be just as good cold.


11 responses to “NYE, Goals and Thoughts

  1. That’s a lot of coffee – I have 5 a week from some chicks that come around in a little van – it costs me $20 a week – so that’s $1000 a year, I hate to think how much more than that you’ve spent on coffee. In fact – I think i’ll give mine up and save the money for next Christmas. Maybe that can be one of my resolutions.

  2. Happy New Year Beautiful! I tried to invite you to my new blog but you didn’t leave your email and being that I dont have my computer anymore I dont have it plus it’s not in your blogger profile so do drop me a line to let me know. strokd@gmail.com

  3. Weight gain or not, you had a bloody good year! Lots of achievements there. 🙂

    Breakfast sounds great – and perfect for a pre-run meal, too.

  4. i am with you! i need to stop spending money on shit! seriously have so much junk hanging around – might have to do some ebay marketing and then – try to save! Argh!

  5. That’s quite a list of goals Kathryn. I’m looking forward to reading about you achieving them. In between diatribes about your house mates of course.

  6. I reckon NYE is over-rated and I hate trying to get anywhere on the night plus all the violent pissy bogans that come from out of town and hassle the locals (ie. gays, goths etc.). I prefer house parties but this year it was definitely more low key than normal. Not sure why? Less drugs maybe and we’re all getting too serious LOL.

    You got some good basic goals there and ones I’ll try to be doing too. Getting back to basics and I agree, can never have enough core strength!

    With writing, Dan is the same. I guess it comes and goes in waves. It’d be so much better if you guys could do it full time. I wish I could support Dan that way but he earns more than me so it’d be crazy right now – debts to pay. I hope you get your mojo back!

    Cheers to 2007 and bring on 2008! Yeah yeah, you and me both have put on a bit of weight but we know what to do so let’s start kicking arse again 🙂


  7. I have to agree about NYE, definitely the worst night of the year to do anything except stay home. I also agree about the increased amount of vandalism, drunkeness etc. – it pisses me off something chronic to see all the graffitti around our neighbourhood and smashed bottles everywhere.

    Good luck with your goals – I love the “if I don’t need it, don’t consume it” – a very succinct way of expressing what I’d like to do too!

  8. I saw these and immediately thought of you: http://www.gayleschocolates.com/catalog/index.asp?cid=10005&id=257

    A combination of two of your favourite things. And apparently BigW stocks them .


  9. that is a bloody impressive list… here’s to 2008!!!

    i totally agree about NYE, it’s pants. but that muesli with nectarines sounds fucking amazing.

  10. Happy new year!
    “If I don’t need it, don’t consume it”… I like that! Can I steal it? Looks like you have some great goals set. Good luck!
    I’m another one who spends way too much money on “stuff” it’s something I’d really like to cut back on this year too. My house is just so cluttered. Need to find a space for everything.
    Enjoy your camping trip.

  11. Happy New Year Darling Woman.

    I find you a great inspiration.

    And I definitely need to stop frickin spending money on shit!!

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