End o’ the Year

I feel like I should be doing an end of year summing up and new goals post type thing but frankly it’s too hot and I can’t be arsed thinking.  I’ll do something one day soonish.

Meanwhile I’ve got a question: at the end of the week we’re going down to Lorne for the Mountain to Surf run and will be camping for 2 days.  If got to take something to have for brekkie for 2 days.  Since it’s going to be hot and we only have a esky plus don’t have a cooker, I need some ideas.

Sometimes I have the Carman breakfast bars which are yummy but think I’ll want something more substantial.

I think I’ve narrowed the bed choice down to three.  Did you know that you can beds with tvs in them?  TVs that slide into the bed base at the touch of a button!  And beds with ipod docks.  What a world we live in.


13 responses to “End o’ the Year

  1. yeah the summing up things is tuff.. lol ..mine is a mediocre half a$$d effort at best… i dont generally do bed heads or foot things cos i head butt and kick them all the time..ouchies

  2. Iron Man food! At least you don’t need to keep it cold.

    Enjoy Lorne. Thanks for the run yesterday. I really enjoyed myself, even if it was hard work.

  3. Yeah, my mum and dad have a tv-bed. ‘Cept they don’t have a TV in it, so really it’s just a…. bed.

    Happy New Year!

  4. now – if only we could get a microwave that slots in!

    those carman bars are delicious! What about muesli with some long life orange juice from the esky? or fruit salad cut up?

  5. I vote for muesli, but you might need milk or yoghurt to go with it….

    Maybe a bar and some fresh fruit, the sort that keeps well, like apples….or even fruit in cans or snack packs?

    A bed with a TV….I’d NEVER leave the bedroom!

  6. WE saw one of those flash beds with a TV in the end of it just the other day…. $7000 for the bed, not sure if that included the TV price !!! It had a couple of flash cushions on it too, and we got one from our 18 year old son for christmas… so I can sit up in bed in style!!! As for breakfast ideas, I’m with Kek, muesli and tinned fruit…. yummmm (if ya eat breakfast and I don’t!) … shush, don’t tell anyone that! LOL

  7. I wonder if people have more nightmares with TV-Beds?

    For brekkie you could always bake a batch of Sara’s Pruffins to take away. Weather permitting of course.

  8. I’d go for museli with banana – and single UHT milk. Have fun – hope the weather cools substantially for you there

  9. Yeah, I was going to suggest the fresh fruit, nuts that sort of thing too.

    Have a great time in Lorne – be careful running down that hill!

    Happy New Year – hope 2008 is a great one for you.

  10. It’s far too hot to be all decisive and goal-oriented.
    Happy New Year and have a great time down the coast 🙂

  11. Now i’m trying to think what you think i’ll say here – cos you know I always state the bleeding obvious – but I don’t know what it would be today.

    Oh yeah I do…..

    What’s wrong with pre-mixed Margarita mix and a bottle of tequila for breakfast! hahahahaha

  12. I’d go with the Banana and tinned fruit option on top of the muesli.

    Hope you have a great 2008 Kathryn.

    Enjoy yourself down at Lorne 🙂

  13. happy new year kathryn. Have enjoyed 07 with you and look forward to 08 as well!!

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