Legs of Lead

I met up with Kathy for a run again this morning.  Simon was meant to come along too but he’s totally slack and I rang and told him so.  We did 8 kms around the Tan then along the Yarra.  I thought we’d only done 6 kms.  It rocks when you run further than you thought.

So I got home and stupidly decided to walk into town.  Even stupider, I decided to wear my Dunlop Volleys based on the fact that I could wear them with a denim skirt but if I wore actual, proper runners I’d need to take a change of shoes with me.  Yeah, try to make sense of that.  I have very sore legs now.  I had planned to go to the gym later today for some weight training and yoga but now I’m thinking I’ll skip the leg part of the weights and just do upper body.

I dunno if I’ve mentioned this before but I’m looking for a new bed.  I went into the city to check out Freedom – they had one in the style I want but it’s not the right colour.  I’m thinking white wrought iron.  You’d think that wouldn’t be too hard to find but apparently it is.

There’s one in a dark colour on the Forty Winks web site — I didn’t want dark but it’s a really nice style.  Anyways, if anyone reads this and is out shopping and sees something appropriate, drop me a note.

The stupid thing is, I have the exact bed I want in my storage space (it’s a real antique too not just a faux) but it’s only a single!  I’d totally embrace my old-maidhood and free up the floor space for more exercising room except it’s uncomfortable as hell.  Oh yeah and I’ve spent a fortune on queen sized bed linen.  I have to take Andy bed shopping next weekend so hopefully I’ll find something for myself as well.


3 responses to “Legs of Lead

  1. Can’t you just use your awesome strength (from all that lat work) to stretch the single bed into a queen sized? hehe
    NO I haven’t been drinking …… yet!!

  2. Will keep an eye out. Maybe Ikea? You could check the website. A bed is so uber important!

  3. Another day, another feat of endurance!

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