To state the totally obvious, it’s hot.  My bloody house gets so hot at night that even if it’s cooled down outside, it’s still stinking inside and I’m not even going to think about sleeping with the windows or doors open cos that’d freak me right out.

To answer the question, I got home last night by cab of course 🙂  I did forget to mention the funniest thing about the trip to the movies last night.  When I go to the cinema, I have the very charming and sophisticated habit of taking my bra off to get comfy.  Yeah, I’m all class.  Normally I wait until after the lights have gone off but, for some stupid reason, decided to whip it off when we first got into the cinema.  That would have been fine – I unhooked the back and slipped the straps off my arms like a pro – but when I went to pull it out the neck of my dress, it’d gotten caught.  I tugged on it but realised I’d end up ripping my dress then tried to explain to my sister while hunching over so no one around me could see the bra half spilling out of my dress.  She tried to unhook it without success then I tried.  Eventually, with some tricky manoeuvring, I got it off.  I looked around, thinking I’d managed to not draw attention to myself but Anita said that I’d been giggling so much that half the cinema had seen me.  Oops.

Tonight we went to the nicely air conditioned movies again and this time I left my bra on!  We saw The Darjeeling Limited – great film.  If this heat keeps up, I’ll end up seeing every film realised this summer even that annoying looking Bee Movie (I hate Jerry Seinfeld).

Now I should go to bed because I have to do some running before the heat gets insane tomorrow.

6 responses to “Quickie

  1. Well then our hatred of Jerry Seinfeld is another thing we have in common, although I fear I may have to see the movie because of the small and very cute one – he’s sucked in by advertising already daggnabbit!!

  2. Snigger at the bra story.
    Thank goodness for the cool change eh?

  3. nice! i had never thought of doing that – but it wold be soooooo much more comfortable. Thank God for sisters hey? We are 43 here today and I have already done 2 hours of mowing, but when Mr M said we could do a bit more – I was like, nope, wait until tonight. We’ll probably still be whipper snipping at midnight!

  4. What’s your opinion on getting an electric fan for your room? I have one of those tall, standing fans and its quite effective. They can be a pain to store but i have some good storage space so i don’t see it for most of the year.

  5. Is that what’s called a “clothing malfunction”.

  6. The Bee Movie was pretty good.

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