Happy Hour at the Sushi Train

Last night I went into the city because I wanted to find somewhere air conditioned. We’d planned to go to a 8.20 session at the movies but, because of late trains and other faffing about problems, decided on the 11.30 session instead.  Only after we bought the ticket did we realise the movie finished after last tram home.  Public transport sucks – I remember a while back there was a big “go us” from them because they were putting on later trams but they still only run until about 1.00 am or some such shite.  Why can’t we have all night public transport?  The people need to get home.
Anyway we went to a sushi train because food always tastes better if it comes on a train.  It was pretty awesome sushi.  We even had crab balls which were very tasty even though I rarely eat seafood, and I tried squid.  So 800 plates of sushi later, we finally left. But it’s sushi so that’s okay, right?  Even if the crab balls were deep fried.  I mean it comes in such tiny portions.

We still had over an hour to kill before the movie and everything in the city was closed except for bars, so we lolled around on the grass outside the big library watching (and quietly mocking) people.  That was really nice.  I rarely spend time in the city and, when I do, it’s running around shopping and getting stuff done, never just lolling on the grass.

We saw The Golden Compass.  My sister’s choice not mine because I don’t love fantasies but I did love the bears.


I walked up to the gym yesterday arvo.  The little gym near me is only $4 for a casual visit but I’m a bit slack about going.  I always feel like I should go do weights and yoga and pilates and all that kind of stuff.  So I decided to buy a monthly pass to push myself into going more often.

When I do weights, I always struggle with lat pulldowns.  No matter what I did, I never got any better at them.  Usually when I’m doing weights, I notice the results pretty quickly but after years of doing lat pulldowns (intermittently of course), I’ve never been able to increase the weight or seen any change at all.

Yesterday I finally worked out how to engage my lats when I’m doing them.  I’m excited about that beyond what is normal (and of course no one I know cares).  It’s so easy once you work it out.  This is just like a few years ago when I worked out how to use my abs for doing crunches.  It’s not one of those big, quantifiable changes but it’s definitely a moment.

8 responses to “Happy Hour at the Sushi Train

  1. So how did you get home?????
    We did a quick triip to melbourne this week and I was only thinking how much extra incidential movement PT and city living would give you… Compared to me I guess. I walk 10 metres to the garage and drive my car to the front of the shop that I want to go to… slack,..

  2. Sounds like a great evening. I remember when I got how to do lat pulldowns. I was really excited. Mind you, it’s not an exercise to discuss on a first date. You know how you have that unconscious ‘demonstrate the movement’ reflex when you’re talking about weights. Well, I didn’t think anything of it until Mr Less-Than-Charming said to me ‘I really liked it when you shoved your tits at me.’ Yep, there wasn’t a second date.

  3. I love Sushi – haven’t tried crab balls though – how do you get them out from between their legs?? bwoo har har har har har!!!

  4. Ooh forgot to say, your blog is MUCH easier on the eyes today. Thanks! :0)

  5. Like Kirsty, I was going to ask how you got home ?

  6. Well, I’m excited for you about the lat pulldowns. 🙂

    What the hell is a sushi train??? I know sushi, and I know trains, but I don’t get the connection…..

  7. Oh, is that maybe how you got home?


  8. love the lat pulldowns, though i have not been a member of a gym for ages, but i remember they are a favorite. one nice part of the lat pull down is stretching your lats after each set of at the end.
    Sometimes one can just let the weight of the puley stretch your lats as you hold the bar extended overhead, or you can put one arm out horizontally to the side, and hold side of machine and stretch the lats by pushing away a little, it feels so good to stretch after and you get to feel the lats so well, soon you get to feel into the lats and you can know when you get the angle right on the lat pull down where you use the lats and not your arms for the job.
    Another idea is exhuaust the arms by doign bicep tricep first, then the lats will try to do the job more.
    The lats give the V body builder shape, but also they support the shoulders to make lifting and moving stuff easier, very handy for carrying boxes from storage or moving furniture!etc. A strong back really makes you feel good, and gives a great posture.

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