Stuff I Did Today

  • Met up with Simon for a run.  We ran (well walked actually) to Arden St oval then did laps.. 1 fast, 1 slow x 5.  It ended up being quite a workout but bloody hot by the end of it and not a tap in sight.  I’d worn tights under my shorts and was going to duck behind a building and take them off then I realised I’d not put knickers on underneath *blush*.  Yeah, no way was I changing if there was any chance I’d flash my bare butt!
  • Went to Target to look for new bed linen and discovered there is NO way on earth you can get the thread count + the colour + the size you want.  I compromised on colour, getting white (the other choices were all variations on beige – ick) but it’s got a stripe, dull white and shiny white stripes.
  • I also got a singlet top with a built in bra.  Not one of those useless shelf bras that do nothing but a proper bra.  It also smooths and flattens a little.  It’s pretty awesome and, since I got a $10 voucher for spending over $100, I think I’ll buy another colour too.
  • Eating was better today but still not good.
  • Oh yeah and I changed my blog layout.  Not sure yet if I like it.

12 responses to “Stuff I Did Today

  1. I like the photo but maaaaate that green is hard on a person who had a big night last night (husband’s birthday party).
    Must go and check out those sheets, everyon’e raving about them. Not beige though.

  2. Woah – it’s very kermitty!! hehe
    I love the photo though. I have to go to the shops today, i’m dreading it, but Lachie and I need bike helmets and I think I need a gel seat thingy, my butt is still aching!!

  3. Ohh, I love it, but I love anything green

  4. the banner is cool, but that green… ouch!

  5. Kathryn I love the new colour scheme for your blog, its grouse!!

    You are so good with your exercise whether you are running or walking. I am totally ashamed of myself ant the moment in regards to my lack of exercise 😳

  6. Also love the piccy of you 🙂

  7. Like the bloglift. Jeannie eyes – way cool.

    I’m out shopping this afternoon – clothes are the go. I’m going to buy the next size down! Oh, I might buy some stuff that fits me now, as it will take some momentum to get the weightloss happening again.

    Are you up for a run on Sunday morning?

  8. oh my gosh! you have already run? you make me feel so inadequate!

  9. I like the new layout – the green doesn’t worry me at all.

    Well done on running in the heat today – good effort. Especially sprint laps!

  10. shopping for me seems to completely ignore bed linen// im sure i was meant to be a boy…lol

  11. the pic of you peeping over the top of the website, plus the rocky look photos are fantastic, i love the fringe hair style, and you just look awesome in the rocky look! keep up the great work with the running.
    it is funny what you said about target, cos i coincidentally went in today to find a coffee grinder whcih they did not have. on teh way i saw the sheets and was laughing about why they order sheets in teh colors they do. like it occured to me do they buy stuff that they can get for a certain price and then wonder if anyone needs it later? of late i have been in to buy a kettle, a small heater a few months ago, a form fitting plain girls style t-shirt in black, a gigabyte usb, and now the coffee grinder and each time found they had nothing. Lucky you like white for the sheets! i like white too, and also mix and matching white with other sheets.

  12. I love the layout. The banner rocks! How did you do it?

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