Boxing Day!


I’m celebrating Boxing Day by wearing my Rocky boxer shorts.. ha ha! Oh yeah, I got the Rocky box set of DVDs with Rocky robe and boxers from Andy yesterday. Woohoo! He said he wouldn’t get it for me cos I have all the Rocky movies but I really wanted that robe. It was a huge surprise yesterday. My mum and sister got me a massage chair pad that also has speakers for your mp3 player and a heated seat. More woohoos!


I went for my run yesterday morning – well kinda. About half way around I needed the toilet so went to the public toilet I normally use and it’d been vandalised and all the toilet paper strewn everywhere so I went looking for the other toilet and the same thing had happened. Bastards. By the time I got home, I was filled with the spirit of Xmas… well the spirit of Mr Hankie anyways.

After showering etc and getting dressed in my purty Chrissie dress, we went to get coffees and pick up Andy. His friend was going to have lunch with us but decided to spend it with his family instead so we yelled at him…lolz. We got lunch ready — turkey plus so many vegies we had to use two trays. Because we were at T&S’s housesitting, I got to raid their garden for lots of fresh herbs to go on the vegies – yum, sage and rosemary etc.

Then we did the pressie thing. It took forever for the vegies to cook so it was nearly 4.00 when we had lunch. Eat far too much… then ate some more… then more. When we got home, we were talking to our housemate who spends Xmas day driving a bus to take old people to and from the local church for lunch. He’d been given a huge box of chocolates as a thank you and gave us some. I think it’s the last thing I need atm.


This is Anita and Andy (wearing the cool shirt I bought him)



My first pav I ever made.  I forgot to take a pic after I decorated it though.



13 responses to “Boxing Day!

  1. Love the robe!!! I thought we where the only ones that ate lunch so late!

  2. We had lunch at 2pm because the weber had a hissy and we had to cut up the pork and cook it in the oven
    I got a boxed set of all the Fred and Ginger movies but not a ballgown to go with it.

  3. You couldn’t possibly have anything that is more appropriate attire for Boxing Day than that could you!

  4. i love the robe..happy happy xmas

  5. Classy, real classy mate! lol…. and the pav ain’t to darn bad either!

  6. You look ready for action, watch out!

    Mmmm, I love Pav, didn’t get any this year though sadly (Pav that is)

  7. haha – Come over to my blog and see what Josh got….

  8. What boxer shorts. I see a dress and a robe and some long socks but no boxers! Sounds like you had an awesome day.

  9. Merry Christmas babe I am so jealous I want the rocky set too.

  10. hahaha, I got that for my boyfriend. He’s very happy. Now I’ve been roped into a promise of watching them (I’ve only seen Rocky Balboa)!

  11. ooh so sexy babe! your xmas looks so fun!

  12. OH that pav looks rockin!

    (and can i say you have fucking amazing legs!)

  13. How cool are your Rocky threads!!! I’ll come back later and comment properly on your latest posts. HAPPY NEW YEAR GORGEOUS! x

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