Running Stuff

On Sunday I ran to Princes Park to meet Simon for a run, did a lap and came home.  We’d planned 2 laps but my sciatic area felt sore so I cut it short.  When I got home, I iced it straight away and it’s been fine since.  I had to use a bag of frozen vegies for the icing though and didn’t want to waste them so made up a dish that I call Kathryn’s Arse Icin’ Chilli.  It pretty much rocked.

Tonight I walked up to Fed Square from work, got changed then went over to the Tan to meet Simon (=2km).  We did a warm up around the Yarra – half walking, half running (=2km).  Simon said that the reason we walk so much when we run together is because I’m all slackness.  I said I’m only slack when I’m with him so he’s the one letting the team down.

Anyway I showed him.  I made us do hill running up Anderson Street.   Ha!  We ran up and down Anderson St 3 times (3 km) then up Anderson St and around the Tan (4 km).  After running up Anderson St for the final time, I didn’t think I could ever run again… then realised if I stopped, I’d never start again so ended up running most of the lap of the Tan.  Lordy, it’s so worth going to the Tan after work on a Wednesday.  The eyes got as much of a workout as the legs!

All up, 11 kms with much hills and lots of heat – I showed Simon.  But I think he got the last laugh.  He dropped me off at North Richmond station to get the train home.  I looked at that ramp leading up to the platform and nearly cried.


6 responses to “Running Stuff

  1. I am chuckling away at Briony’s comment. Sounds like a good workout Kathryn, particularly the eye candy part.

  2. Even eye-candy isn’t worth running Aderson St 3 times (that’s most likley why you’re way faster than me LOL)

  3. nice work!!! I’m exhausted just reading about it.

  4. yeah when i run there on sat im hoping there will be some suitable eye candy 😉

  5. Great job up Anderson St – I struggle to get up there once!

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