Stop me NOW

Okay, you might remember a few posts or so ago I said I’m not shopping any more until after Christmas — seems I’m out of control.  Do they pump something into the air at this time of year to make you go consumerism mad or something?  Not only am I shopping like crazy but it’s like I buy one present for other people then 18 for me.

Today I went to Route 66 to get a bowling shirt for Andrew on account of I’m sick of him looking like a slob.  I actually wanted to get him a checked cowboy style shirt but he refuses to wear one even though they make guys like 50% hotter (maybe something your mum thinks it hot is enough to put him off but really he should listen to me).

We went a bit crazy but had a fun time – trying on everything that took our fancy regardless of any preconceived thoughts of what suited us.  That’s a good thing to do sometimes cos you never know.  I ended up with this dress that looked far better on me than I thought it would and this shirt plus a tee shirt and some seamed stockings (now I just need a suspender belt).

I loved the dress so much that I haven’t taken it off yet, which might not have been the most stylish option considering I was wearing my Dunlop Volleys!  Maybe I should have bought some cowboy boots as well!

Okay, seriously now… no more shopping.


11 responses to “Stop me NOW

  1. I’ve been making a list of the things I want so I can get them in the January sales.

  2. Was reading something in the Age Life & Style about being addicted to shopping. Hasn’t stopped me! I AM hanging out for the January sales though. The styles at the moment really suit me so I’m buying next winter’s tops and the following summer’s. If I get too skinny, I’ll give them away with joy.

  3. PS. My stylist says I should wear skirts that come just past my knees – show off my calves – or just above my ankles – I have good ankles too. When I was in my late teens I wore mini-skirts at every opportunity. Yes, I’ve had this leg vanity a long time!

    I reckon you should be showing off your calves too!

  4. Love the clothes Kathryn. I am all shopped out and not going near them again until my Xmas grocery shop on Monday – wish me luck.

  5. I can just see you in that dress and that shirt for that matter, very noice!!

  6. Nice dress, not too sure about the look with the volleys though, but if anyone could pull it off, you could!!

  7. Nice clothes, you really need to get the cowboy boots now!

  8. Now that you’ve bought that most excellent dres, STOP!!

  9. I think lads in cowboy shirts look hot too. I’m surprised you found one though because I haven’t seen too many around (shirts that is).

    Time to save yourself for the after Xmas sales Kathryn.

  10. Your dress is hot! I’m hopeless once I get started with Christmas shopping… I buy all the essential gifts, but when I’m done I can’t resist still looking around. I end up with presents for people I wouldn’t normally buy for, and extra presents for people I’d already finished! ARGH!! I need to hide my purse somewhere 🙂

  11. Cute dress, very you my dear

    I had a great pair of pants from R66 that I wore until the ass fell out, maybe I need to go back for a visit.

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