I met Simon in the city for a quick run after work but when we met, he’d forgotten his shoes so we decided to go back to his place and run from there.  By the time we drove across the city and then got to his place and had a bite to eat, we’d lost over an hour.  Then we headed off walking, decided to run but my legs had nothing in them so ended up walking the whole way.  We went along the bike path to Moonee Ponds (the Moonee Ponds Creek?) and ended up near a friend’s place so called in for a toilet stop and ended up chatting for ages.  Didn’t get back until after 9.00 then had dinner.

So no running at all and it basically took us forever for a 8-9 km walk.  I kinda felt like I could of ditched it all and just walked home from walk but then I got to spend time with Simon and work out our training for the events we’ve entered next year (plus they cooked me dinner so that’s good).

When I got home, I had to go to the supermarket for millk.  Normally my grocery shop is around $20-30 a week tops because I buy most of my food at the market or fruit shop.  I think they pump something into the air at this time of year because we ended up spending around $100 each.  We did get turkey and ham for Christmas lunch but mostly healthy snacks for work – then I realised I only have a few days left.

The legs are still sore today so I’m skipping my workout.  I feel slack but really don’t want to get an injury at the moment.  I think a session with the yoga dvd tonight might be the best bet.

5 responses to “Run?

  1. I can’t imagine only spending $20 – $30 a week! Sad I am. Forever broke too. HUMPH!

  2. Hope you enjoyed the yoga dvd. Sounds like a lovely walk, even if it wasn’t the run you’d planned.

  3. in the absence of running an 8-9km walk is the next best thing 🙂 20-30 a week..either you eat out a lot…or you dont eat!!!i never spend less than $100

  4. Yes, it certainly is an expensive time of the year.

  5. I figure it is the end of the year so whatever exercise you can do or fit in is better than nothing.

    Whenever I go to the supermarket for a couple of things, I always come home with a hell of a lot more!! It drives me nuts 😆

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