I’m awful tired tonight so this will be quickish.

On the weekend some total anus-face side swiped my car, taking out the driver’s side mirror and leaving a nice little dent in the panel.  It’s very hard to drive without a mirror and most probably illegal.  I’ll have to fix that pronto.

Today is the first day since I started counting calories (ie. Saturday) that I’ve gone over.  Overtired = overeating.  Free cake at work = overeating (but it was awesome cake).  Taking back overdue dvds = overeating… okay maybe that’s a stretch but they had such yummy chocolate on the counter.  The damage wasn’t too bad though.


6 responses to “Sleepy

  1. I lost my driver’s wingmirror about three months ago. It was obviously some wee shite that did while on foot! Not only was that the wingmirror on the pavement side when it happened but you can cleary see it’s been snapped up and down not side to side as if someone banged into it.

    I’ve managed to survive for about four months with it like that. Not ideal – but cheap! Finally bought a replacement part off ebay – just need to fit it now.

  2. I would have thought that having your car smashed into was cause for overeating…. perhaps you’d better have some extra to make up for it? :p

    It could be worse – a semi-trailer side-swiped my car once, while it was parked on the side of the road….in Albury! I had to drive all the way home to Melbourne with no side mirror. Talk about a white-knuckle trip!

  3. Anus-face is right! People are unbelievable aren’t they!

  4. Did you get his details or was it something that happened in a carpark and the cowardly arsehole just nicked off?

    Someone ran up the back of me on Saturday, must have been the weekend for it 😦

  5. Hmm, I know a few ass-wipes .. maybe we could put them together with your anus-faced driver!

    Remember with the calories that you’re working on an average. Think of the overs and unders across seven days rather than just day by day.

  6. ..i wish i could break my over eating days into reasons…im terrible at the moment

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