When I posted about buying my bargain priced runners the other day, I left out the best bit.  Because they were on the bargain table, they had been joined together by one of those plastic loop things.  So I tried on the left shoe and it fitted like that glass slipper on Cinderella.  Then I thought I’d better try on the right foot as well (normally I’m very fussy about trying on shoes but, because I’d trialled these shoes before was just being extra cautious).

I slipped my foot into the right shoes and it fitted perfectly as well.  Then I bent down to take it off.  I’ve mentioned before how I have this totally spazzy limited range of motion, haven’t it?  Well couple that with muscle tightness from exercise this week and the two shoes being joined together!  Those shoes weren’t coming off my feet!

I stood up and called HELP to the assistant.  He wandered over from behind the counter and I stood there like some backward first grader saying “I can’t get my shoes off.”  Oh yeah, he was backing away from the crazy lady.


I managed to finished yesterday on a net calorie amount of 200.  That’s freaken insane.  Today I’m off for a long run – well really two shorter runs.  That is 6 km over to my friend’s place to check out the lounge suite they’ve just had reupholstered then 6 kms home.  The only problem is that I have to run up that bloody Royal Park hill again.

I’ve decided I’m not going shopping again until after this Christmas insanity is over.  I went to the local shopping centre yesterday and it was bedlam.  I figure I have everything I need at home and can get my groceries from Coles Online.  I’ve been shopping far too much lately as it is.


3 responses to “Stuff

  1. LOL. Imagine him describing this later .. “You’ll never believe what happened at work today!”

    Hope you enjoyed your run.

  2. what does a net calori of 200… mean???? also sounds like if all of a sudden we have to hidey-hole up til xmas for some absurd reason, youre all sorted 😉

  3. Yeesh! Shopping! I did it yesterday – I think I must have suffered a total memory lapse from the last 20-something years about how horrific it is to go shopping in December.

    *sigh* Next year I am SO going to have all my Christmas shopping done by end of Novemebr.

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