Saturday Morning

You know how you have those times when you decide to curl up and sleep more rather than go for a run – it’s one thing when you do that at 6 o’clock in the morning but another altogether at 6 o’clock at night!  I think I was overtired yesterday.

At least I got up this morning and went to boxing class.  I think I’m rubbish at boxing – I just can’t seem to get my body to do everything I need to do.  When they tell me to do one thing, I’m so busy concentrating on that I forget everything else.  My instructor said today that I should be a good boxer by the middle of next year.  After today’s class (especially the ab work) I think I’m more likely to be dead!

Since I’m a glutton for punishment (and for many kinds of yummy food as well), I went to Princess Park after class and did some hill running between the park and Royal Park station.  I’ve decided to start using Calorie King again to record my calories and so far I’m on -1200 for today.  I have to remind myself that’s no reason to go pig out.  Some food would be good though.  I think I’ll go get breakfast (or is that brunch now?) and read the papers.


2 responses to “Saturday Morning

  1. I am pretty unco at boxing too – not being able to tell my left from my right doesn’t help.

  2. Hey, the middle of next year isn’t that far away Kathryn.

    Sounds like some good exercise – nice start to your Calorie King records.

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