The God of Bargain Hunting Smiles Apon Me!

Whoa, what a night.  I only went to the shops because I’d forgotten to put socks in my bag and I wanted to walk home after work.  Firstly I tried on some bras — how depressing.  It just made me feel fat and frumpy.  Especially since the girl in the next change room was calling out for a 10DD.  WTF?  Aren’t the rules in life you can only be thin or have big knockers, not both (well not without surgery).

Then I wandered to Rebel Sports to get the socks.  On the way I found the most fantastico shoe bargains – a pair of red fake suede flatties with tie around straps (I saw a woman wearing similar shoes earlier in the day and thought to myself I’d like a pair of those and – voila!) and another pair of flat sling backs with red and orange dots 🙂  The first pair were $10 and the second ones $20.

Okay, as if that wasn’t enough, I got to Rebel and they had a whole bunch of shoes on the clearance table.  Normally I look through them, not expecting much and I have been looking for a pair of cross training cos running shoes aren’t so great for things like boxing.

So way back when I was doing training runs for the Run for the Kids, the Nike people had shoes you could trial and I kept trying out this same pair of shoes.  At the time, I thought I should get a pair but couldn’t afford them.

Today they had them for $80 sitting on that clearance table.  In my size.  You can’t fight fate.


I heart my new shoes.  Of course with all that shopping and running around, I ended up catching the tram home!


10 responses to “The God of Bargain Hunting Smiles Apon Me!

  1. Wooo hoo for bargin shoes!!! You lucky tart! Did you end up getting any socks though? Ha ha ha!

  2. Guess I better not tell you i’m a 12G then!! bwooharhar
    Well done on the shoe shopping – you’re turning into me Imelda(II)!! ;0)

  3. How bizarre. I went bra shopping yesterday too. Also very depressing for me only because a couple of A cup bras were too big for me. How is it I got to 50yrs and am still in trainer bras. I spit on Miss size 10DD.

    And…and my new runners look just like yours only without the Nike tick.

  4. Ahhh that is so cool!! I’ve had my Nike cross trainers for the last 4 years and they’re only JUST wearing out – that’s after thrashing them through my entire weight loss journey.

    Can you recommend a good pair of running/ all rounders? I know nothing about shoes, and you seem to be very educated on the matter 🙂

  5. Bargain!

    They were meant to be yours

  6. Nothing better than finding a bargain, especially when it is exactly what you wanted and half the price!

  7. Hey – when it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.

  8. Great bargain shopping. And I am with you on the pricing structure of sandwich shops- and I love Cookie!

  9. Great shoe shopping!

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