Random stuff from my brain

  • Arrrggghhh, tried to book a beach house for Kennett River. I actually had it bookmarked from when I was thinking of doing the GOR run last year but went on the agent’s website to double check that the details hadn’t changed. Then I rang them and the dude said the price ($230 per week) was a mistake and blamed the office girls for it. Yeah, a mistake that has been online for nearly a year without anyone else noticing? I think not. He is making a mockery out of the Trades Practices Act and that is so very wrong.
  • Went to Cookie for dinner last night and had banana chili stuffed with chicken mince. Totally awesome and must try at home-able. Also had a pick-your-own fruit flavour dacquari — I made mine lychee and raspberry with violet syrup. It gave new meaning to the word “awesome”.
  • My friend’s sister had dinner with us. I haven’t seen her for a few years. She’s lost 45 kilos (and yes, I had a touch of weight loss envy) and just had a full body lift (more than a touch of envy for that one – maybe a truckload). I had many, many questions for her. She looks fantastic and full of beans.
  • I got a salad roll for lunch today. She asked if I wanted mayo and I said no then I asked for some coriander in it. She charged me 30 cents extra for the sprig of coriander. Why do you get charged more for having extras in salad rolls but get no reduction in price for the things you don’t have?
  • Spending of charging, I went to the City Baths last night since I had a couple of hours to fill in before dinner. It’s $18 to use the gym as a casual– yikes! So I had to do a killer workout to get my money’s worth.
  • I don’t have spin splints or stress fractures. For that, I’m awfully pleased. Not that I thought I did but I went for a massage tonight and my shin has been really sore (I hadn’t even thought of it being serious). My massager was worried but, after having a good feel, thought it was nothing serious.
  • Walking home from work tonight, I tried to figure how I could fit in a run before my massage. Sometimes I just get a bit over the top. Anyway my sister had a new singstar game – (Gay) Anthems, so it didn’t become an issue. I think an 11 km round trip of walking to work should be enough anyways.

I must go to bed now. I’m mighty tired and I have Bad Stomach of Womanly Time issues.

ps. I got tix to V Festival to see the Smashing Pumpkins.  It’s going to be AWESOME!


7 responses to “Random stuff from my brain

  1. well done for the $18 killer workout – I would probably have flounced off and spent it on champagne.
    Feel better soon

  2. Gah! NEVER go to the City Baths gym….it’s obviously run by extortionists. Try the Docklands gym at the World Trade Centre next time. Just finding it is half a workout, but it’s cheap, or at least it was only $6 last time I checked.

  3. $18 for 1 work out !!!! Faaark! You must be keen mate is all I can say.

  4. Gay Anthems, haven’t seen that one advertised.

    As for the advice from Kek, all good intentioned but I doubt I’d be going into anything called the World Trade Centre even if you paid me!!

    30c for a sprig of coriander, crikey, we are in the wrong business, when i get to Aussie I’m starting some coriander growing!!

  5. ha! They should be paying YOU to eat the coriander… I just can’t stand the stuff. “The Evil Weed” is what I know it as 😉

  6. Maybe you should just take your own coriander next time!

  7. I’m going to the V Festival too!!! Yay!!!

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