I’ve just spend a small fortune on the credit card… not on clothes or shoes but runs.  I think I’ve got everything sorted for the rest of my life, well the next 6 months anyway.  I’ve entered the Run for the Kids (for the 3rd year… woohoo) and the Great Ocean Road Half Marathon (like the last one didn’t kill me).  I’m also doing the Sunset Series runs.

That’s lots of things to train for 🙂

Oh, I don’t think I posted this before but this is me after the last half marathon.  I look thinner than I remembered being (and far more constipated!)


ps. here’s a tip for Alison and Debbie (and anyone else freaking out about their kids going to schoolies) – just keep telling them how much fun you’ll have partying TOGETHER, in matching outfits.  If that doesn’t stop them, nothing will 😉


6 responses to “Crazy?

  1. Schoolies is so nothing to worry about. My mum was freaking out when I went because Today Tonight always do some “TEENS GONE WILD!” story. And the news for that matter. We didn’t see any of the “bad” stuff that was getting shown down here, it’s ridiculous.

    Man… I’d never eaten so many 2 minute noodles in my life.

  2. Great photo, except for the squinty expression…. 🙂

    I never worried about my son going to schoolies. He was told he’d be paying for himself, and we knew his saving capabilities (and the organisational skills of him and his mates) were never going to be up to the job. We were right. He stayed home and worked.

  3. LOL I will write that down for when the time comes.
    I’m one ahead of you mate – I’ve booked AIRFARES and accommodation for my goal race in JULY – nothing like cash on the barrel to motivate you, eh?

  4. that photo is nothing short of bloody brilliant 🙂

  5. Yay, so many things booked in to keep you inspired and motivated! 😀

    Thanks for the tip about the tea, too. No wonder it tasted so bloody good! :p

  6. Just a little tip. Get loads of long hilly runs in before you do GOR. It seemed never ending when I did it and I hated those damn hills by the end of it.

    We stayed in the Caravan Park just out of town, but in hindsight we should have probably booked something right in town. Probably a good idea to start looking now as it gets preety booked up.

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