Home Again

I’m back from Apollo Bay now.  Very hot and very tired.  We had a fun weekend – went to the local pub and had some bets on the horses; went for a longish run along the beach on Saturday morning then had brunch and a look around the local craft market – I bought a date, walnut and ginger loaf because I’m a sucker for loaves (and eat almost the whole lot that day) then went for drive and a bush walk.  After that, we were stuffed so we curled up on the couches outside at the backpackers and had naps.

Later we went for a walk on the beach… I actually had another short run (with lots of jumping over seaweed because I’m so totally mature) then fish n’ chips for dinner – best fish n’ chips ever.  We just bummed around last night then went to bed, only to be woken up at regular intervals by some skanks who kept running back to their rooms to get stuff all night and shrieking loudly while some dick revved his car outside our room (this happened at least 4 times and they were gone before I could get out and yell at them.

We packed up this morning and drove back – stopping at Kennett River for coffee and then to Lorne for some beach time.  You know, I could write a book on things I hate about Lorne and it’d be an encyclopedia… and the biggest volume would be “C”!  That’s all I have to say about Lorne except that why do all the people with money have the worst taste?

I didn’t mention in my haste to get going, but the whole idea of going to Apollo Bay came into my head cos I was looking at the Great Ocean Road half marathon course.  I’m seriously thinking about doing it next year and got to check it out – it’s hilly but not impossible, I think.  I ran Simon to do my best sales job on getting him to join me… ha, ha, he suggested we do the marathon instead.  I think not!


One response to “Home Again

  1. Glad you had a good time. Hmm fish and chips, I nearly had that for dinner but had fish fingers and mash instead. Not quite as good!!

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