Extra Holiday Thoughts…

Packing tip: be careful with similar looking items sitting around your bedroom. Something like say boxing wraps can be easily mistaken for something like running socks. Yep, I did that. Yep, I had to dash to the shops at 9.00 am looking for socks.

Schoolies week: I don’t get it. I think we missed the worst of it being in Apollo Bay not Lorne, thank goodness. But really who pays for their teenage kid to spend a week on the Gold Coast shagging and getting shitfaced? This was the only conversation about schoolies in our house, when Andrew was in Year 12.

Me: if you want to go to schoolies, you can pay for yourself.

Andrew: *snort* as if I’d waste my money on that crap.

People: I used to think that my housemates didn’t wash up properly because they are total pigs and all that but, after staying at the backpackers, I’m starting to think it’s a common thing.  Rinsing stuff under a tap of lukewarm water and leaving it to drain is WRONG!  It’s so wrong, it makes my head explode.  I mean maybe if you have like one thing to wash and you need to wash it urgently, you could rinse it in hot water.

The right way (according to me) is to run hot water in the sink (really hot water not lukewarm) and add detergent.  Then when stuff is clean, get a freaken tea towel and dry it.  It’s not so hard and really unless you are the only person using the kitchen, it’s the right and proper thing to do.  Plus, if you really, really have to leave dishes on a draining rack, rinse them with really hot water after you wash them to get the detergent off them.  Don’t leave soapy dishes on a draining rack.  Don’t expect other people to put your dishes away.  It’s not that hard.

I was going to post some photos but I look crap in them all. Aren’t I vain? You can see them on facebook if you’re my friend though.


6 responses to “Extra Holiday Thoughts…

  1. and off to Facebook I go ……

  2. Dirty dishes get up ya nose eh? I get to load the dishwasher all week cos Stew is away…. yaaaa!

  3. I’m freaking out over schoolies already and my girl doesn’t get to go for another 2 years. We live on the Gold Coast so she only needs to pay for the motel and food and dare I say it alcohol & drugs. crap crap crap I don’t want to know. Our neighbour is an ambulance driver & the things he sees over schoolies would make your toenails curl.
    Maybe I could take her to Apollo Bay.

  4. those photos are nice!
    I can’t believe parents would pay for schoolies either. Noddie’s NOT GOING, I don’t care if it’s 13 years away, I’ve already decided.
    100% with you on Lorne. ack

  5. Not vain, sensible, ‘aint no way I am posting a bad photo 🙂

    Schoolies is freakin stupid, I have been unlucky enough to be on the GC when it is on ‘coz I was visiting my sister. When the hell did teenagers get so damn precocious?

  6. Enjoyed the photos – loved hearing about all that running. Way to go Kathryn.

    Good luck with all those events.

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