I’m home from work sick today.  I woke up this morning feeling really good, fresher than I’ve felt in ages and went for a run.  I found a new hill to run up – well same old hill just a different street where the hill is bigger.  I drove up it last night and was like ‘yah! Big hill!’ but wasn’t so cheering about the bigness when I actually ran it today.  Anyway I got to work and started having stomach pains and ickiness so figured it was best to come home.  I have a total freak out about having anything gastro-like at work.

Oh here’s a hint for anyone having trouble getting up to go running of a morning *cough* Andrew… listen to the weather report on the radio.  Since they say afternoon storms every day, I think I have to go get out and get my run in early.


9 responses to “Sick

  1. See, my problem with listening to the weather report is that I can always go to the gym instead, which makes it so easy to not get up in the morning!!

    Then of course when I get home I’m just too tired and demotivated to get changed and head out the door again 🙄

  2. Hope you are feeling better 🙂

  3. that might also be *cough* joey too!!!! i wish id listened to the weather report tuesday… gastro sucks big time


  5. Are you avoiding your boss? Do you think she’s coming on to you? Any more boob or wee stories? HAHAHA
    Seriously, get well soon honey.

  6. Who can believe the weather reports though, hoenstly where are those storms that we were promised the last two nights?

  7. OMG you too!!

    I was just saying to a mate, who is also feeling icky, that every second person I talk to this week is feeling grotty.

    That confirms it, the government is conducting experiments on us by putting something funny in the drinking water!

  8. Good on you for getting up and running up a big hill!!

    As for “the other runs”, I recall having Salmonella at work when I was 23 and I worked with all males and the loos were a 2 min walk across the timber yard. It sucked!!

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