I’ve got the world’s biggest paper cut!  This morning I went for a run and there’s a bridge close to my house with about 50 years of posters built up.  As I ran under it, I scraped my arm on the edge where the posters had all started to curl up – 50 years of hardened serrated edges scratching down my arm!


7 responses to “Ouchies

  1. Bah 50 years of germs too! Unclean, unclean.


  2. Nothing worse than a paper cut!

  3. Oh how I bah! the papercut.

  4. I would NOT BE HAPPY mate!!!! Make sure you keep it clean, imagine all the germs after that lenght of time! Ouchy!

  5. Crikey, go and have a tetanus shot 😆

  6. yes to the tetanus shot, ow ow ow

  7. There is only one thing worse than a paper cut and that is when you’re trying to remove a staple and the ends goes up under your finger nail.

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