These are some things I really hate:

  • People who groom themselves on public transport. Applying a coat of lippy isn’t too bad and I’m always amazed at anyone who can apply mascara on a moving vehicle but beyond that it’s just wrong. This morning I had a girl (who was almost standing completely over another commuter) get our her hair brush and start doing her hair! That is so gross. Other people’s hair totally grosses me out and I don’t want it near me. Last week I had two separate, unconnected people on my tram putting in eye drops! These were adult women, not 16 year olds whipping out the clear eyes so mum doesn’t realise. Really, does anyone have a life so busy they can’t wait until they get home to do their eye drops?
  • The trees in my street… they drop these little balls then the balls harden in the sun and are like walking on ball bearings. I have no idea why the council planted them because they are awfully dangerous. I’m just waiting for one of the old ladies in my street to fall on them and break their hip and sue the council for $$$. On the same note, is it normal for councils to not maintain nature strips? I’m sure this is the first neighbourhood I’ve lived in where you have to mow your nature strip yourself. I’m very tempted to run in the council elections next year on account of our local council is arse, but the current member is a young Greek guy with thick wavy hair and I don’t think I can beat him in this area!

That’s all I hate. What I love is getting sent home early on my first day of work and buying new shoes 😀

I walked home from work today – I thought it was around 5 kms and it’s 5.6 so that’s a decent amount of incidental exercise.  Now I just have to get myself to the gym to do some weights.


10 responses to “Peeves

  1. Not a bad list at all…. hell I could write one with sooooo much on it! Top of the list would have to be “selling one’s home” and all the stress it entails!!! Shoe shopping, choice!!!!

  2. You only hate two things? Bull-SHIT!!


  3. i think you have to mow your own nature strips everywhere..altho i was very fortunate to live next to an old dude for 3 years who did it for us..we just had to have a chat with him once a week cos he was a lonely old fella

  4. I once watched a lady reading a book whilst driving along the highway!! crazy!!

  5. note to self: never put mascara on while stopped at the lights again!

  6. i think you do have to mow your own nature strips, however once in the inner suburbs many nature strips do not really grow much grass due to the tress taking the only bit of moisture, due to the large amount of non dirt concrete driveways, flats, roads etc. probably with the drought hardly anyone will have to mow nature strips by summer.
    Pre drought times i once lived in a street where as the single parent, some folks spoke about me, assuming all my brothers nad male cousins who visited were my 10 consorts. Then one day people moved in next to me and did not put out garbage for 6 months, nor pay any rent, and nor of course mow their nature strip.

    Once their nature strip reached about a foot long grass, i mowed it after mowing my nature strip one warm night after work. The guy accross the road nearly crashed his 4 wheel drive when he saw me. haha the single parent that was too evil for his kids to walk past, that he had badmouthed for months was now quietly attending to the problem that had vexed his soul for months.
    After 3 years of coldness he started waving and saying hello whenever he went past.
    even in the bible belt of south boxhill i could have my 10 consorts, have a house that was not being renovated, ride my motor bike, and whatever I liked, all was forgiven if i mowed the neighbours nature strip!

  7. I hate house surgeons who think they are fucken consultants. You are not!! You are just out of fucken med school, you are not an expert in your field!! Especially when you are a young English twatt and I am a 32 year old mother of four, I think I know vaginas better than you so get me the fucken consultant – NOW!!

    If only I had of had the balls to actually say that instead of lying there crying in pain as the pathetic house surgeon poked around and treated my vadge like a frog on a dissection table.

    I can’t believe any one would be as rude to brush their hair in someone’s face, that is outrageous.

  8. If there are only two things you hate, then you are doing really well!

  9. Try this on for size (hope you don’t mind me swearing here), a few years ago I was sitting on the train minding my own business when I hear a funny clipping sound. I look up to see some grotty bitch CLIPPING HER TOENAILS!!!!! I gotta tell you it was so disgusting I just about puked, they were flying about the place. When she went to get off the train I yelled out to her “oi, are you gonna take your toenails with you you filthy cow”, no kidding, I got some looks but they were all thinking what I was saying 😆

  10. I have definitely been freaked out by someone clipping their fingernails on the tram- it is absolutely disgusting. My (ex) partner told a large smelly man that he should have a shower before he gets on the tram again- and he agreed.

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