It took me ages to get motivated to go running today – it’d be so much more time efficient if I didn’t procrastinate so much, or maybe not since I cleaned up and did some writing etc while NOT running!

I have a 2 km block I run with a big hill and a 5 km block with no hills (except that Clifton Hill hill which is hardly a hill at all and really doesn’t warrant a suburb putting “hill” in their name.  Damn you snotty Clifton Hill people, you don’t see us calling our suburb Northcote Hill even though we have a BIGGER hill cos we are not wankers).

So I did the 2km block first then the 5 km block.  I did the 5 km in 36 mins which is 3 mins faster than Friday but still woefully slow then I got almost home and decided to do the 2 km block again so I’d be up to a bit over 9 kms (around 9.5 I think).  The run was more a slog than a jog!

I wore my HRM today – I’ve not used it for ages and, when I started running, I realised why.  My heart rate went up to around 180 within the first block!  Because it’s an older model and we have lots of power lines/train lines around here, it spazzs out a lot.  It settled down after that and I stayed around 140-150.  My calories burnt were around 10 per minute which is what I’d guessimate when I’m running so that’s good.

I need to buy fruit and vege but I’m feeling lazy as so think I’ll just go to the organic shop.  It might be more expensive but I really can’t handle the Sunday shoppers at the supermarket.  Then I have to go into our local cafe – one of the staff is leaving and we wrote her a farewell poem.  After that I have to go into the city.  I hate going into the city on weekends – public transport is non-existant and I hate driving into the city and trying to park but I’m getting paid to do a market research thing so I’ll just suck it up.  After that, drinks.

Tomorrow I start the new job.  It’s only a 2 week contract but might go longer.  We’ll see.  I’m not sure what I’m going to wear – I really need to buy an iron!


9 responses to “Sunday

  1. I’m proud of you… NO IRON!!!! I wish I didnt’ own one… but some bugger has to do Stew’s friggin shirts eh?

  2. Well done on adding on the extra 2km again, especially as it has the big hill in it. I probably would have just run home!

  3. I bought an iron recently, didn’t open the box for two weeks, I just don’t buy that many clothes that need ironing cos I detest it. Well done on your run.

  4. Ah Clifton Hill. Can you imagine if there was ever a suggestion to change the name to Clifton!

  5. First of all, check this out –

    I’m like Bri too. I buy clothes that I don’t need to iron, mostly LOL. Great to hear you got some more work and in time for all the Xmas eating/drinking.

  6. You are a closet keenster – oooh oooh I’m so lazy, then running more than 9km!
    have fun at the new job 🙂

  7. on the treadmill, I got my heart rate to 180 pm and I just about fainted with fear. I thought maybe I was going to give myself a heart attack. now I’m a bit nervy about using it.

    that is my excuse and I am sticking to it 🙂

  8. Kathryn I have a spare iron if you need one 🙂

    Pity you’re not working out this way any more or I could have met you for lunch and passed it over.

    Hills, I’m over them already!!

  9. Perhaps they could change it to Clifton Flats? And Rucker’s Hill going north from Westgarth sometimes seems like a mountain to me when I am riding home. They should call it Mount Rucker’s or Northcote Mountain. Good job running up it. My Dad always likes to run some mad vertical hills when he is in his marathon phases (not so much these days I don’t think).

    I keep looking out for you at Princes Park now that I ride past there most days, but I haven’t seen you running there yet.

    Do you ever get your fruit & veg from the Ceres markets?

    Hope your new gig is fun…

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