I’m Proud of Me!

I’ve been sleeping badly lately and didn’t get to sleep until after 1.00 last night.  Around 3.00, I woke up after a horrible nightmare.  Finally fell back to sleep and woke up at 7.40 this morning – I had my boxing class at 8.00.  I was so tempted to just roll over and give it a miss.  I could think of 300 excuses for not doing it but I got dressed and jumped in the car.  I’m proud of me because it would have been so easy to pike.   Now I feel all energy and full of beans, if only I could move my arms!


9 responses to “I’m Proud of Me!

  1. Good on you Kathryn. I always say that when you get to the gym when you don’t want to go it counts twice!

  2. You are wonderful! I slept in till 9am, then went into town and sat on me bum in a coffee shop ‘playing ladies’ for 2 hours!!!! How bad is that?

  3. im proud of you too!

  4. I just caught up on about twelve posts of yours and I have to tell you that I love reading your blog. Good work this morning.

  5. I hope you weren’t up late watching scary movies, I was on Thursday night and had bad dreams 😦

    Good job chicky, no doubt you felt much better for going. If I am wavering I try to think about how great I will feel when I finish.

  6. Well done Kathryn, I wish I didn’t roll over and give up most mornings – you’ll have to let me know the secret.

  7. I reckon the hardest thing about working out at the gym is actually getting yourself through the front door.

  8. Good going! I need to do a bit more of “just do it” too. Right now I am sitting here waiting to go to brekky with a friend. I could do an hour of yoga. I could go for an hour walk. I could do a lot of things but I’ve been a slack arse. You’ve made me promise to make sure that I do something when I come back!

  9. They are starting boxing classes tomorrow at my gym. My neck has seized up since Thursday so I am hoping by tomorrow I can go and try it out or at least manage some gym session where I can watch them kick it out.

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