Busy day today, kinda.  I dicked around all morning so I didn’t get out for my run until lunch time.  Oh my god, I did my normal 5 km block run but, running up through Queens Parade was a nightmare today.  There is like 10 cm of footpath space between the tables on the street and the shops and all these stupid gits would come out of the cafes with their takeaways and stand in the middle of the footpath.  Plus people bowling out of shop doorways without looking!  I nearly had a few collisions – don’t people realise they aren’t the only ones using the street?

Yikes – it took me 39 minutes to run 5 kms.  That’s so not good.  Sure the traffic and the mad pedestrians added some time to it, but my lack of self-pushery didn’t help at all.  Kathryn must try harder.

After I showered and changed, I headed into the city to sign the contract for my new job.  I actually went in early because I wanted to look for some new work clothes.  All the usual shops – Portmans, Susans etc – had a scarcity of business attire it seems.  Everything was very casual and wrong.  And I don’t care how fashionable it is, I’m not wearing those short pants to work — they can make them in whatever tweedy, work-looking fabric they like but they still aren’t work clothes to me.

Got to the contract signing and had to wait around.  The guy I’ve been dealing with was off sick so I had to see someone else.  I asked if he could answer my questions about the job and he said ‘what questions?’ as if I was a fool.  I was like ‘der, well who do I report to, for starters…’  That’s always a handy thing to know on your first day.  I got the basic info out of him but not much else.

Afterwards I wandered through the city and decided to see if I could get a tarot reading done.  I’m a bit in two minds about stuff like that – it can be dodgy as (trust me, I used to work as a phone psychic) but I’ve had readings that are scarily accurate.  Years ago, we went a few times to a tea leaf reader in Tassie who was just spooky and, about 6-7 years ago I had a tarot reading by a woman who told me a lot of stuff.  Not predictive stuff like having a tall, dark stranger come into my life but more putting into words things I felt that I hadn’t even acknowledged to myself.  I left the reading and started crying because it was such a purgative experience.

The reading today wasn’t fantastic but she did say some stuff that was interesting – like I’m a gifted writer *cough, cough* and I should focus on that rather than my other job.  She could see me having success with my novel so I liked that bit of it.  She also said I wanted to move but my housemates aren’t as bad as I think they are – I strongly doubt that (she doesn’t have to live with them) but then I guess I would doubt it.  She said I’d think about moving but would decide against it.  We’ll see.

So then I went shopping.  I dunno why but I ended up buying stuff I didn’t really need – if you control the eating, the need to binge just breaks out somewhere else.  I got some eyeshadow which I need but not at MAC prices and the most heavenly tea from T2 plus this awesome tea infuser that you sit in your cup (not a ball).  I actually did need that because it’s impossible to use an infuser ball with fruit teas – they never close properly.

Then I walked home.  Woohoo, go me.  That’s 5 km run + 5 km (or more) walk today.

OMG tonight I got out my knitting.  I’ve been working on this cardigan out of very expensive angora wool for ages and only had the collar band to do to finish it.  I started picking up stitches then realised something was very wrong – the neck shaping is much bigger on one side than the other!  Oh noes… I don’t think it’s at all fixable unless I knit another front piece!  Not good, not good at all.

So anyway, tomorrow is voting day.  Please, please, please let us have a change of government.  Speaking of, I got a letter today about a workplace agreement.  For starters, who even knew you had workplace agreements for temp jobs.  I did this job for like 2 weeks earlier in the year and someone had to process all this crap.  It totally would have cost more to process it all than I paid in tax for that time.  What a waste of money.


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  1. Urgh, people. That’s why I do my walking early, real early. I noticed people in Melbs don’t know how to walk too, like they must drive on the right side of the road instead of the left LOL *jokes* 😛

    I’m in two minds about Tarot readings as well. I do my own but just as a guide, not to predict the future. I think a lot of things that can be said (if they’re good) can be related to anything in one’s life but the writing stuff!? She didn’t have ANY prior knowledge? That’s kinda cool 🙂

    Damn about the knitting. So if you undid it (obviously prefer not to) can you re-use the wool as least? I have no clue about knitting.

    Mmm, and the current state of affairs. I will be a very VERY disgruntled taxpayer if Howard is back in. That man is a right-wing fascist. Plus we don’t live in the friggin’ 50’s anymore.

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