Am I a freak?

Is it just me or are other people like this:

  • I never get hungry after I exercise but as soon as I have a shower, I’m ravenous. It doesn’t matter if I jump straight into the shower or if I dick around for say half an hour first, it’s like water is the trigger for my appetite.
  • When I’m heating up a frozen meal and it says to pierce the plastic two times, I’ve got to do it three or four. No matter what the instructions say, I rebel. Take that frozen food manufacturers.
  • I spend all day trying to psych myself up to taking a controlled approach to eating then end up getting stuck into some triple cream brie with blackberry, fig and balsamic paste! Oops – yeah I know I’m not alone there (and who could resist that combo?)

I finished my contract today – no more eastern suburbs for me! Woohoo! I don’t want to offend anyone who lives there but really the eastern ‘burbs suck the big one. They are full of bad drivers and are much too far away. I’ll no longer waste an hour and half minimum on travelling any more and that makes me so happy.

Right now I have to go tell my housemate to STFU. He has a friend over – I hope to god it’s not a girlfriend because I don’t want any chick that’s desperate enough to go out with a loser like him in my house (he’s the one that stole my food).

PS. My evil thought in yoga tonight – when they say to get up in your own time, what if your own time takes the whole class?  I was having a nice nap before class and didn’t really want to be disturbed!

7 responses to “Am I a freak?

  1. I think we have a lot in common mate! I am all for nice naps!

  2. I want me some of that paste please!!

    Are you a FREAK?

    Yes, yes you are……

  3. 1. and 2. yes and yes!
    No 3 – must try it, mmmmmmmmmmmm
    GOOD about not commuting any more. My thrice-weekly trip to Collingwood in peak hour is the only part of my week I think is a waste (although I listen to lovely music now so it’s not so bad)
    Snigger at Yoga story

  4. I never feel hungry directly after exercising, don’t think it is a water trigger thing with me, just need a bit of time.

  5. I love the piercing of the frozen meal plastic film.
    I do it four times or more as well, just for good measure.

    you are not a freak!

  6. Bwahaha…I am very similar, with the yoga too! 😉

  7. I love these posts where you share insights about yourself. Chuckling away here at the defiant plastic film piercing. I have visions of concerned frozen food manufacturers having crisis meetings while wearing spotlessly clean white lab coats.

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