I dunno if I mentioned this last week, but I finished up at my job on Wednesday (or was it Tuesday?  One day last week anyways).  I’ve got to go back to finalise stuff on Thursday then it’s over.  I’d been planning for a nice little vacation, figuring there’d be no work around until after Christmas.

So yesterday during lunch I got a phone call – was I available for work?  Then today they called back.  I’ve got a 2 week contract (possibly more) in the city, starting next week.  That’s probably the most effortless job I’ve ever got (although I probably put in the hard yards at some stage, impressing people at an agency interview… or maybe not, maybe they just need someone, stat).

It’s funny.  When I was waiting around at the beauty parlour the other day between getting my hair dyed and my spray tan, I picked up that book, The Secret, and read it.  I reckon all that stuff about putting positive thoughts out in the universe and declaring what you want etc is bollocks.

This is the Kathryn Theory on life, the universe and everything:  it’s random.  Sometimes you got the mojo, other times you don’t.  And you never know when that mojo fairy is going to come sit on your shoulder.  Think about weight loss – you work hard and do the right thing and you get the results – but sometimes it just all comes together and it’s effortless.  Other times it really is hard work.  It happens with everything: work, love, money…  I don’t believe it comes from our thoughts or what we “put out there”; I do believe sometimes it just happens.  Of course when our actions are aligned with our goals then it seems to come together more often.


9 responses to “Work

  1. you rule. i love your theory!!!

  2. Hope you enjoy the new job – a bit of extra pre-Christmas pocket money certainly won’t go astray. Regarding the “weight loss comments when you don’t think you’ve lost weight” thing – don’t forget that with all the exercise you’re doing, there’s probably a fair bit of extra muscle there, so though the scales don’t show a weight loss, you’re possibly looking a lot better and more toned than when they last saw you.

  3. You said it sista, “when our actions are aligned with our goals then it seems to come together more often”. Like weight loss. You can’t think it, you just gotta do it (the exercise and eating less that is).

  4. I totally agree.. I believe in fate though, so maybe ‘something’ has a hand in it? Buggered if I know, I’m too bloody down to earth to believe in too much of anything!

  5. just lap it up…
    think of the shoes…

  6. I disagree Kath. I do believe that your life is controlled by your thoughts. What you think about you bring about. If you sit on the couch every day saying “I’ll never be thin”, you never will. If you have a positive attitude, you send out your positive energies into the cosmos, and positive things happen. If you have a ‘life is shit’ attitude, well, your life is shit.
    I’m sure you got the job because you are great at it…. NOT because they needed someone that badly!!

  7. Love your theory on Life Kathryn. I agree wholeheartedly.

  8. I bought The Secret DVD, i’ve never watched it. Probably won’t bother now, although if you didn’t like it ….. considering our differing movie tastes ……… just sayin’!! hehe

  9. yeah sometimes things are effortless..its weird cos you never know how to get back that ‘effortless’ mojo

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