I am no longer a spray tan virgin – got it done like 5 minutes ago.  I didn’t think Iit made that much difference but my sister and her friend both said I was heaps browner 🙂  I also got my hair dyed (mahogany) because I was sick of patchy copper reds done at home.

Spray tanning, what fun.  I had to go into the little tanning hut and strip off down to my knickers.  Then she came in and went over me with the spray gun like the way they paint cars, covering me with a fine mist of tan.  It’s damn cold, I wasn’t expecting that.  It’s kinda embarassing standing in front of another chick with nipples exposed getting covered with a freezing cold mist!

When she finished, she left me to dry myself with a hairdryer.  I thought she’d missed a bit on my inner calf and the spray gun was just sitting there – it was mighty tempting to just do it myself, but I figured that could be a HUGE mistake!

I do love my new hairdresser and beautican.  I’d not been to him before.  I’d been to the salon, which is just around the corner and very convenient, a couple of years ago to get a leg wax and the girl had ripped me (financially not just leg hair-ially) big time so I never went back.  Now there are new owners who are absolutely lovely so I think there will be much girlie beauty goings on in the future.  They have a courtyard out the back so once I had the dye on my hair I went out and had coffee lounging around in the sun.  Quite a nice way to do things 🙂

This will be my last post until I get back from Tassie so no picks of the tan unless one of the girls posts some from dinner tonight.  We have much planned for the next few days – Mum goes to a private pool that you can rent by the hour so we’re going there for a swim and sauna tomorrow 😀

10 responses to “Tanned

  1. I had a spray tan once but in the auto booths. I forgot to close my mouth as I turned around and copped a mouthful – yuk! See you soon.

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  3. Have fun mate… oooo cold nipples no less!!!

  4. Have you seen the Friends episode where Ross gets spray tanned – classic!

  5. how decadent..your own pool

  6. Have a lovely time and tell us all about it 🙂

  7. I had my first one 2 weeks ago, but in a booth. I was stoked, along with my blonde foils I looked like a surfy chick, was way bummed when it started to fade 😦

    Enjoy your trip.

  8. I really need to try a spray tan, i’m sick of being whatever colour “see-through” is!!
    I miss you already!

  9. ooh – i can’t wait to be uber slim so that I can be tanned! I might buy some nipple petals in readiness…….

  10. The tan was pretty impressive hon and I hope you enjoyed Tassie! I forgot to say have a good time when saying bye. Damn alchopop! Not enough photos either!!

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