I had a short story accepted for publication tonight – woohoo!

Lately I’ve had really sore legs.  I think when I do interval sessions on my exercise bike, I go too far with the resistance.  Even though I totally think that, I’ve been avoiding running.  I dunno – I know I said yesterday it’s one of my passions but I’ve just been hesitant to go out and run recently.  I think partly it could be a phobia of getting injured again, plus boredom with all my usual running routes and a lack of focus after the half marathon.

So this morning I went out for my usual 5 km run around the block and loved it.  Realised I need to run faster though — well I passed the fruit shop and they had scrumptious looking apricots out on sale, then I checked out the guy working there and he looked fitter than me!

Since I’m going to Tassie on Thurday, I’m going to pack my running shoes and hit the beach.  I’ve never ran on sand before but Mum said it should be okay (not that she’s ran in her life).  She takes the dog there every day for a walk so I can get a run while she’s doing that and maybe make a dent in the calories from the mountain of food she’s cooking for us!

I got tagged by Peta so here goes:

Four dishes I like to cook:

  1. Lemon and coriander chicken.  I posted the recipe ages ago but will dig it up again if anyone’s interested.  It’s awesome and totally delicious plus easy as.  Oh yeah and totally healthy.  Must make it again.
  2. Pasta – I like to buy the freshly made stuff from Preston market then add a jar of tomato sauce to heaps of grated vegies and a mountain of garlic.  Yum.
  3. Oats – since I use the Uncle Tobys ones I dunno if it counts as cooking but I add frozen raspberries plus yoghurt and whatever else takes my fancy.  Yummo.
  4. Arrrgghh… I can’t think of anything else. I go out for dinner far too much.

Four qualities I love in people:

I was thinking about this today. Well, I was actually thinking about how I love Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks and how he displays the qualities of a perfect man *sigh*.

  1. Integrity.  A tricky one since people who are full of honesty and integrity can be awfully uncomfortable to be around at times but ultimately I’d rather someone who stands up for what they believe in and isn’t afraid to express how they feel than someone who hides behind evasions and false politeness.
  2. A playful approach to life – it’s not so serious, folks.  I think just about everyone I’m close to has a wacky sense of humour and I’m always around people who make me laugh.
  3.  Reliability – I get driven mad by people who don’t follow though on the things they say they’ll do.  It’s about having respect for other people.
  4. Compatibility – call it clicking with someone or being kindred spirits or whatever.  You either have it or you don’t.

Four places I have been:

  1. The catacombs in Paris –  I went to Paris with a friend for a day and, since time was limited and he’d been there heaps of times before, he said to pick the one place I really wanted to go.  This was it.  Then he bitched because I was in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and wanted to go under the ground and look at the bones of dead people.  It was awesome.
  2. La Sagrada Famila in Barcelona – I studied Gaudi in Art Theory then got to Barcelona and found out that all the theory I’d learn was crap and he was on magic mushrooms.
  3. The Waterford Crystal factory in Ireland.  If ever you get a chance to go there, DON’T.  Most boring tourist attraction in the world.
  4. Ta Phrom, Cambodia – I went to lots of temples in Cambodia but this was my favourite.  It’s all overgrown by jungle and totally awesome.  My least favourite temple was the one where I got bitten by a fire ant.  Holy shit, those things sting.

Aw, I feel like travelling more now since this is all in the far, far past.

Four things in my bedroom

  1. Far too much crap and junk.  I really need to do some cleaning. I don’t have anything in the rest of the house since I don’t trust my housemates one little bit.  One day I’ll have a place of my own where I can leave my saucepans and my dishes and other bits and pieces in the kitchen without fear of them getting wrecked.  Until that time, I store them as best I can.
  2. My dressing table which is my favourite piece of furniture.  My mum got it for me at a sale when I was about 6 or 7 years old.  It cost her $5 and she sanded it back and varnished it for my room.  It’s an antique and totally gorgeous with a carved mirror and little drawers.  At the time, I chucked a spazz cos I wanted white melamine furniture like my sister had!
  3. At the moment I have knitting all around the place.  I spent ages working on an angora cardigan then got to the finishing bits and panicked.  So, tonight I got it out and started sewing it together – I’m taking it home to Tassie so Mum can help me pick up the stitches for the bands because that’s the bit that’s freaking me out.
  4. A potted violet I bought at the supermarket tonight.  I love violets a whole lot.

Four dirty words I like to use:

I live to use all of them, and make up my own.  What’s even considered a dirty word nowadays?

I tag Briony, AlisonSara and Andrew.

Lastly, my neighbours were playing their loud doof again tonight.  I could someone yelling abuse at them, finishing off with “… and you have f’n shit taste in music.”  Had to laugh at that.  When I went to the supermarket, I called in at the police station to have a chat about it.  They were great and said to make a complaint to the council.  Also to get the neighbours to make complaints too because the more received, the more serious they take it.  I’m making fliers for a letterbox drop tomorrow.


7 responses to “Tuesday

  1. Oh no! tagged! the pressure, the pressure…
    congratulations on the story!!! Go you!
    We had a massive problem a neighbour’s doof doof and the council were quite tiresome (surprise surprise) but eventually made them stop 🙂

  2. So glad you did something pro-active about the noisy neighbours.. that was legal! Hope you have fun in Tassie. It is usually much harder running on sand.

  3. We have some doof doof dickheads who live over the road, I am desperately hoping the grow out of it soon.

    Some runs on the beach in Tassie will surely blow away the cobwebs, enjoy your trip.

    Congrats on getting an article published.

  4. Congratulations Kathryn. And congrats on getting out there for a run despite feeling anxious about it.

    Hmm, I’ve been doing the “coffee date” thing lately. I think I’ll put the four qualities you’ve listed on a cheat sheet so I can remember to check for them. 🙂

  5. i love the ‘youve got terrible’ taste in music,,,, some people would actually take that comment soooo seriously!!!

  6. Given that the doof heads are on a roll, you have timed your tassie trip very well! hopefully the combined flats of people whose patience will be running out soon, will have complained. or informed the owner of the flat and got rid of them by the time you are back. It breaks a tenancy agreement generally to be that noisy. People might overlook it for a birthday night once in a blue moon, but not a regular nightly noise thing. The body corporate meetings might see any other owners who do not want their tenants leaving the place, threatening to sue the owner of the tenants who are creating the problem. Money does talk there.
    i once had very loud backpackers move in to a flat in our bunch of flats, always leaving a pile of rubbish in the garden, and opening their windows adn starting the party at 3 am was common. There must have been 8 or so new people arriving each week, it was only when the other owners of the flats realized it was an illegal backpacker place that the situation was stopped.
    in the meanwhile the strange thing for me, was that i went from the hated one with the oldest oil leaking car,the single parent who was not a yuppie, and who dressed in “shameful” old clothes, and who had strange younger guys visiting (my sons friends but, it is for some reason bored people thought i had 12 teenage boyfriends or something) to being one of the “normal people”. after the back packers all night parties everyone in the flat decided i was one of the good guys. It was strange to be no longer the weirdo in the block of flats. When people saw me tryign to get rid of the back packer garbage off our common area garden, teh other yuppie flat dwellers looked most guilty, did not make them clear any garbage of course, but they stopped making up lies about me, and started asking me in for coffee. That was when i decided everyone rather than me were the strange ones.

  7. Congratulations on getting your short story accepted!! What publication?
    And I love reading those memes but am too bloody hopeless to do them myself. I really dig what you wrote about “people” 🙂

    So I need to get back down there and check out this Madame Brussels with you guys. I really wanted to go but thought it needed to be shared!

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