My neighbours started partying at 3.00 am on Saturday night, playing very loud dance music with the bass turned up high enough to shake my house. When I left for work at 9.00 am this morning (having slept in from not sleeping for 2 days) they were still going!

I rang the police once on Saturday night and twice last night. I don’t know if they even bothered showing up. We’ve heard other people in their block of flats telling them to turn the music off but they just laugh at them.

I have no idea what to do. Well I have a few ideas but if I go over and smash their stereo up with a sledgehammer then I’m going to be the one in trouble. That hardly seems fair to me. What can I do?

ETA:  Home from work early and still very tired but I have a test for my editing class tonight so no naps for me 😦  I love the idea of turning their power off at the fuse box – god knows, they’d be too addled to realise what was happening. 

Unfortunately revenge isn’t an option – because they live in a block of flats, the other residents have suffered enough!  I have been thinking of asking around to find out who the agent is though and putting in a complaint with them.   I’d just let it go but I’ve got a feeling this isn’t going to be a on-off! 

I’ve also been thinking about ringing the police back during business hours and finding out why they didn’t come around — I think they just leave my street to lawlessness.  They know that cars are always getting stolen around here – they told us that when we went to report my friend’s car stolen – yet I have not once seen a police car drive down my street!  With all that, plus the hoons revving and racing down the street, I’m starting to feel like I’m living in a Mad Max world.


7 responses to “Noise

  1. Start looking for another house sounds like a good plan.
    I hate those people and their doof doof.

  2. You can’t really do anything more but pray that they stop soon. You’ve called the cops. Maybe call them again and keep calling them until they come out. If the buggers are high or whatever, you shouldn’t confront them yourself that’s for sure. That’s what the coppers are for.

    Haha…and I can be a doof doof person myself but yeah, gotta think of your neighbours too when living in the City.

  3. Find their power meter box and turn it off??? Seriously… keep calling the cops mate, it’s about all you can do short of moving! Oh, and wear ear muffs?

  4. I think you should give them some of their own medicine! When the music finally switches off and they retire to bed, crank your music up! Or rake leaves outside their bedroom windows with a metal rake on the paving, that’s always a winner. Or a blow vac!!!
    Brings back memories of a camping trip I went on as a teenager. We thought we were alone in the forest so we all went feral until retiring to bed in the wee hours.
    At about 6 AM we were all woken by the intro to “Eye of the Tiger” blaring through the forest on repeat. Turns out we weren’t alone, we’d picked a spot right on the verge of a public camping ground. We had very sore heads that morning, and the fellow campers had the last laugh!

  5. Ring the police again and again- it is a $500 fine if they turn the music back up after being warned once. I like the idea of “borrowing” a fuse from their fuse box- but you have to be very careful you don’t get caught.

  6. As Sara said, just keep ringing the police, every half an hour until they do something about it. Some people are just so inconsiderate aren’t they.

  7. Poor Kathryn.

    I’ve done the ‘turn the power off at the fuse box’ thing at 4 am in the morning. I also knocked on the door one night when my Mum wasn’t well. The scary looking guy who answered couldn’t have been more understanding and turned the music down. Yep, I was amazed.

    Fortunately those neighbours moved away.

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