Quick Update

Had a huge day on Cup Day – too much champs and too many cupcakes (I think you could just about call the Guiness Book of Records on my cupcake consumption…oops).  Ended up at a gay bar with men telling me their problems and realised I really didn’t care so I went home.
Woke up yesterday feeling very seedy – so I called in hungover to work.  I figured if I called in sick the day after a public holiday they’d think I was chucking a sickie cos I’m hungover so why not be blatant about it!  Ha, it worked (of course these things work much better when you aren’t being paid for sick days).  I actually wasn’t that badly hungover but figured my blood alcohol levels were too high for me to drive 3o kms to work – I was just being responsible really.
Not sure how much longer I’m going to be at work – they thought I’d end this week but it might next.  No matter what, I’m not working Thursday or Friday next week because I’m going to Tassie and stuff (stuff like getting a spray tan).

Oh yeah, I did manage to get to the post office yesterday.  I’ve not had any saucepans on account of putting stuff on to cook then forgetting about it and burning them beyond redemption so I’ve had to eat out all the time (yeah, that’s my story…) then, a few weeks ago, I saw some spiffy pink saucepans in the Harris Scarfe catalogue.  I hate shopping centres with a passion so I rang up and ordered them and they finally arrived.  It’s like Barbie’s dream kitchen!  They are awesome saucepans and I didn’t want to use them on my dodgy burny stove but I did cook dinner tonight.  And I didn’t burn it.  Woohoo!  I’m going to cook with the Barbie kitchenware every night.


8 responses to “Quick Update

  1. PINK pots and pans!!! Now that is too funny! Would love to see them! hint hint.

  2. Ended up at a gay bar with men telling me their problems and realised I really didn’t care so I went home.


  3. Now all you need is the campervan and a “Ken” and you’re set!! hehe

  4. I bought new pots and pans from Harris Scarfe but I braved “southlands mate” to get mine- and I wish I got pink ones.

  5. Telling work you’re hungover and can’t come in? God, you’ve got more front than Myer! LMAO

  6. Cool, I love coloured kitchenware, except I haven’t really matched it so my kitchen is a bit technicolour.

    Love that you just fessed up to the hangover 😆

    Did you have cupcakes with pink icing, they are the best.

  7. yep..im hungover…thats a great excuse…well really ..if you think about it….you are SICK when youre hungover..its just that its self inflicted…why are people soooooooo unsympathetic…LOL

  8. Love the idea of pink saucepans. All you need now is a frilly apron and matching oven mitts.

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