I heart Cup Day!

Cup day has to be my fave public holiday of them all.  It’s like you go through that long, cold winter with only the Queen’s Bday off then suddenly it’s all bright and sunny and you get a day off for a horse race.  To make it even better, it’s on a Tuesday so everyone takes the Monday off work (except me) and so Monday is this lovely day of no traffic and no one bugging you at work, then a day off then only three more days until the weekend.  That makes it kinda perfect.

The other weekend I bought a backpack for running.  I hadn’t used it yet so decided to run to the gym this morning (2.2 kms), do my weights workout then run home.  That works well for me – except I felt like a bit of a dick with the backpack, all strapped in.  Like one of those American tourists.  On top of that, I decided to wear shorts without tights underneath cos it’s so sunny then felt doubly self-conscious because of the bare legs thing (I have very jiggly inner thighs).

Oh yeah and to make it triply bad, I decided to put on fake tan the other day!  Oh yeah, just call me streaky legs.  It’s awful.

Now I’m going to primp myself (that’s primp with an “r”…lol) and get to my friend’s cup day bbq.  They are doing cupcakes and cocktails – my two fave “c” words in the world 😀  I’m walking over (6 kms) – I considered running over with my new backpack but figured locking myself in the shower post-run when they had a houseful of party guests is kinda rude (plus the bathroom window looks out on the backyard and the curtains aren’t real covering so I could end up flashing people – yikes!).


8 responses to “I heart Cup Day!

  1. Enjoy your cup day hon 🙂 Cocktails…mmm. I’m suffering a cocktail hangover today!!

  2. I agree. I think we should get Tuesday off every week (I’ll settle for Wednesday or Thursday if you can’t organise Tuesday) 🙂

  3. And for once the weather was stunning too, hope you had (or are possibly still having) a fab day.

  4. I use the dove “holiday glow” or whatever they call it- moisturiser with a bit of fake tan- it doesn’t seem to streak and after two or three days you have a great colour. (make sure you wash your hands after putting it on though)

  5. Hope you had a great day 🙂
    Good plan not flashing the party LOL

  6. Hope you had a lovely Cup Day party.
    I love you last post about walking to Maccas etc 😉

  7. LOL..sara i still maneged to streak that..fake tan and me-we dont gel!

  8. Our sweep came complete with numbered cupcakes this year. Of course, I had to buy two horses! My sister is a legend!

    I’m glad I bought my running backpack. I just try not to think about how I look. Doesn’t work, but I try.

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