New Plan

I did something really smart today – I walked down to Maccas and got a chicken salad for lunch.  Then I worked out I burnt MORE calories walking there then there are in the salad (the Maccas was a fair hike away).  That’s just mind-blowingly awesome.  I figure I’ll lose scads of weight if I only eat from places that are a long way away.  Like if I want tiramisu, I’ll walk to Sydney and eat it.  The only problem will be explaining my long coffee breaks at work.

Seriously though, I really did enjoy getting off-site for lunch.  I’ve really missed working in an area where you have lunch options!  I’m thinking I might go for a walk every day at lunch time – maybe take a cut lunch and go along the walking tracks (since I’m not paying $7 for a scummy salad every day).


6 responses to “New Plan

  1. So the salad was scummy? or scrummy?

  2. Now THAT’S smart thinking.

    In one job I had, I used to take my lunch and go walk around the park at lunchtime. Not for any benefits of exercise, but just so that nobody could stick their head in the lunch room door and say “I know you’re at lunch, BUT…..”

    The bonus was, I lost a bit of flab without even trying. Walking is great!

  3. Lunchtime walking is the way forward! Not that I’m doing it though. But I plan to.

    Have been planning to get cracking with it and you’ve now inspired me.

  4. Sounds like a lovely idea!

  5. LOL Kathryn. You are one smart cookie!

  6. I wish I could go lunch time walking. I work out in a Business area now surrounded by main roads and trucks. Urgh, it’s safer for my lungs to just sit in air-conditioning. Love the way you worked the calories!

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