Thoughts and Decisions

I went for a run last night and had some thinking time.  I weighed in at 80.7 kgs yesterday and that’s a full 10 kilogram GAIN this year.  I realised that when I was losing weight and losing it consistently, I’d made weight loss my #1 priority in life.  I haven’t done that for the last year.

I want to lose 15 kgs and I reckon if I devote another 6 months of my life to losing it, I can do it.  After all I’ve done it before, it’s not so hard once you get the momentum going.


I don’t want to do it yet.  There’s a lot of popular thought that says you shouldn’t put these decisions off – “I’ll start the diet on Monday” type mentality but I say screw that.  At the moment, I’m on a merry-go-round of half arsed weight loss efforts.  I spend a lot of mental space thinking about losing weight but I don’t make the decisions to back that up.  Instead of going through all the thinking about eating well then deciding to go out for dinner and few drinks and the subsequent guilty – I’m going to take a few months off then come back in the new year with renewed resolve.

This is the plan:

Step 1 – get under 80 kgs in the next 2 weeks (before I go to Tassie)

Step 2 – maintain weight until the new year.  I don’t want to use NOT dieting as an excuse for all kinds of excesses; I know I have to lose this weight and I don’t want 15 kgs ballooning out to 20 kgs or more!  I want to go back to the basic principle I used when I started losing weight: before eating anything I’d ask myself if I really wanted it.  That cut out so much boredom eating.

Step 3 – weight loss mode.  Lose 15 kgs.

Interestingly, I asked myself if I’m not trying to lose weight then what would I cut out in my exercise program.  The answer was nothing.  Everything I do exercise-wise, I do becauseI enjoy it.  I love running and I love doing weights and I really love my boxing and yoga classes.  I even love the interval sessions on my exercise bike (when I’ve finished them).  I don’t exercise for weight loss any more, I don’t even exercise because it’s good for my health.  I exercise for fun.  I can’t imagine giving any of it up.

There also a couple of issues I want to think about.  Often with weight loss, we tend to look at the negative side of our behaviour: why do we eat so much, why does bread/sugar/whatever make me go into a binge, why can’t I control my eating?  But I want to know what prompts “good”, healthy decision making.

No matter where you are in your weight loss or how out of control you feel, no one makes bad decisions ALL the time.  Instead of trying to curb or stop the bad habits, I want to encouraged the good decisions.

For example, when I go to buy my morning coffee there is always a couple of choices of muffins and scones at the work cafe.  Most mornings I don’t even think about buying them – I’ve had a filling breakfast and have fruit etc for morning tea.  There’s no temptation at all.  Other mornings I get something because I really want it – that’s the days they have the walnut and date scones because they are my favourites (and one scone every couple of weeks isn’t going to kill me).  Other mornings I don’t really want anything and definitely don’t need it, yet I still buy that damn muffin.  Rather than focus on that, I want to focus on why I can walk past the bakery items most mornings.   I think if I can work that one out, I’ll have made a big breakthrough.


12 responses to “Thoughts and Decisions

  1. I think starting a diet on a Monday is the absolute worst thing to do, for me anyway. Here’s what I do, spend Saturday & Sunday eating and drinking like a mad thing ’cause it will be my last chance in months to do it again. Then come Monday (diet day) I feel like crap and have no energy to exercise and only want gallons of coffee and the rubbish that goes with it, so then I decide to leave it till next Monday. And each week I manage to add more weight to my body. Better to start a diet mid-week.

    When I went to a specialists a couple of months ago he was really negative about my exercise regime and kept asking what I was doing it for. I could have mentioned bone density or the effects on fast twitch muscles or a healthy heart but nooooo all I could say is ‘because its fun, I like it’. No wonder he thought I was an idiot.

  2. Can you please let me know when you’ve found out how to walk past the bakery without buying anything 🙂

  3. I’m in a similar circumstance at the moment. Like you, I’ve spent this year saying that I’m going to lose weight, eat and exercise well for about a week and then I jump off the wagon again. I’ve come to the realisation that if I don’t stop this, then I’ll eventually regain every kilo I lost. I haven’t moved beyond thinking that yet and into actually doing something about it but I will soon. Just need a plan of attack first.

    I think maintenance and small losses are a good way to get back into the swing of things. Good luck with it all 🙂

  4. “I even love the interval sessions on my exercise bike (when I’ve finished them)”

    God, I couldn’t agree more! Getting off that damn thing is the best part of the whole workout! But boy, do you feel good about what you’ve just done. 🙂

    One thing that makes me less likely to resist sugary carby treats is sleep deprivation. I don’t know if that’s at all likely as a cause for you in your bakery splurges. Maybe just take note of whether you’re particularly tired on some of the days you cave to temptation. I’m sure there are other causes, but that could be one.

  5. “I want to know what prompts “good”, healthy decision making”
    – what an excellent thought. I’m going to think REALLY hard about that myself now.
    At the moment I’m working on a ‘do you really want to cart that (whatever food I’m about to eat) over a full marathon next year? but that’s not positive, is it? Thanks mate.

  6. Focus on the positive, love it hon! I find that I look after myself better when I think about just how good I’m going to feel when I bite into an apple, have a nice crisp salad, a multi berry explosive smoothie and good stuff in general instead. I’m going to be a real dag and say that since I started doing yoga, it’s helped me focus on the positive more. I wonder if the more you do yoga too, you’ll find yourself doing this as well? Living your life shouldn’t be about guilt but just being and doing the best we can, no matter how imperfect. I think you walk past the bakery most mornings because you’re probably feeling fab and just don’t need it 🙂

  7. Kathryn, as usual you are so right. I am exercising now because I love it, I can’t not do it. If I don’t I feel so crappy.

    The weight loss thing, for me it is more just maintenance now, but it has been “loss” for most of the last 3 years, absolutely has to be a top priority to be successful.

    I have pretty much cut out a lot of bad things, and now say “no” when offered them because I think if I did start eating them I couldn’t stop. The saying “no” is much easier now. Most of the things that I know aren’t good for me, I really don’t desire too much now. Not all of them though, nice cakes, bisuits, choccies etc. just have to be in moderation.

    Good luck with your plan!

  8. This is a great post Kathryn. You’ve given me something to think about too.

  9. I love your three stage plan- as usual I just want to lose weight TODAY and when I don’t then I head for bread, lovely lovely bread which just makes things worse.

  10. When you cotton on and have that big “breakthrough” do tell me what it is ok? Your plan is sound by the way, here’s to a better 2008.

  11. I do exactly the same thing. My head goes back and forth constantly between “you’re not so bad at this weight, you’re fine” and “god I need to lose weight”. And like Debbie said, doing the starting the diet on Monday thing always makes me eat rubbish all weekend cos I think I’ll never be having it again, then I lose my resolve and it gets put off etc. I always do this at the start of a month – “oh I’ll just start on the first of next month” thinking that just because its a new month I will never touch chocolate or takeaway again! It definitely works better to think about what you REALLY want to eat, not just habitual “bad” food. When I listen to my body it rarely tells me I want McDonalds.

  12. fabulous post! Just what I needed to read today 🙂

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