You know how people say you should feel your feelings rather than stuffing them down with food, well how do you do that?  My feelings don’t like me being in touch with them.  My feelings are like an mistreated dog.  They go hide in the dark, dank corner under the house where you can’t find them and, if you try to get near them, they snarl and bite. 

I think I need a handy checklist of things I could be feeling instead of hunger that I can work my way through.  Top of the list would be tiredness.  It’s so easy to mistake tiredness for hunger – I guess it’s a natural reaction when you’re tired and can’t satisfy that with sleep or rest to reach for food instead.  Food gives us energy after all. 

Other than that, I’ve been having a shitty week.  Not a major shitty week, no big shitty events just lots of little things that build up to a big trash heap of shitty.  I’m sure I’ll get over it especially since we have the weekend and public hol coming up.  I just need to make plans so instead of feeling stuck and defeated by situations I can’t control, I can make the most of them. 

I also need to KILL that bloody mouse that keeps waking me up.  The person who invented the expression “quiet as a mouse” had no freaken idea cos I wake up every time the mouse does anything… I’m sure it’s going to attack me in my sleep.

I’ve started my novel.  I’m tentatively calling it Beach Bingo Bloodbath.  No one has died yet but I’ve only written 500 words.  I want to watch House of 1000 Corpses for inspiration – I love that movie.  Totally awesome.

8 responses to “Feelings

  1. (((HUGS)))
    You might have to coax those feelings out a little bit at a time, closer and then a little closer until you can see what they are, then give them something nice to eat and do a bit more next time.
    Tired = Hungry is my biggest trap, I really struggle with it.
    Still it’s cup weekend and we can wear nice hats.

  2. YOu have a mouse!!! OOO I killed me lots of mice recently… mouse traps and bait … I even posted photos of dead mice… I AM NOT NICE …. LOL LOL!!!

  3. Oh man, this is my life. Eat eat eat and then despair and guilt and worry and shame.

    Round and a round we go. Hard to get off the merry go round that is for certain.

    I like blogging (I have a private one just for me) that I journal write. It does help a bit.

    good luck!!

  4. I think often for me food is a distraction, so try and react some other way rather than eating. Go listen to some music, go sing a song on the Playstation, go for a run, lift some weights.

    I always feel so guilty after a food splurge now, I hate it.

  5. Nah, I think we make too much of our feelings, leave them there under the house I say.
    Let’s face it you scoff down cake and coffee because it tastes good. And you drink a little too much some weekends because at the time you’re having fun, the music is good and maybe that glass of chardy also tastes good – well at least the first 2 glasses did.
    I relate to your little binge stories so much.

  6. Ooohhh Kathryn, I thought I was reading about myself when I read this post!!

    My eating at the moment is all over the place and I haven’t been for a run in 2 weeks :blush:

    I am so hoping to snap myself out of it soon, othrwise all my good running work will come undone and I will be the side of a house 😆

    Good luck with the novel 😀

  7. I was feeling this very same way a week ago and it definitely had something to do with being tired. I really hope you are feeling better babe and hey, Nanowrimo hey….are you crazy LOL, now there’s a challenge and an exicting one 🙂

  8. Everything they said! Why oh why is it so difficult?

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