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Last night we went to see Death Proof, the new Tarantino movie, at the drive in.  I nearly didn’t go because I hate Tarantino (well mostly because I hated Pulp Fiction) but it was a freebie so we went.  I love the drive in.  We got there late then had an incident where I nearly set the car on fire so we missed the first half hour or so of the movie but the first part of it was hella boring and could have been edited back heaps.

Other than that – awesome.  I am totally in girlie crush love with Zoe Bellwho is a stuntperson from NZ and plays herself. 

So, what else is happening in my life?  Not a lot.  Never heard back from Saturday’s date guy and, even though I’m not that interested, I’m really annoyed that he wasn’t either.  Maybe he was just overawed by the radiant wonder that is ME.  Or maybe I was a bit tipsy and talked a lot of shit.  Oh well, next…

Oh and I have answers to comment questions:

Kek – I’d class anywhere as inner suburbs if I could walk to the city.  I guess that’s totally subjective since, by that reasoning, some people would call Carlton an outer suburb 🙂

Alison – Nanowrimo is a web project thingie where insane people all decide to spend November writing a 50,000 word novel (like a novel each, not a joint novel).  The idea is to get you actually doing something instead of just talking about it.  I’ve done it before and decide it’s not worth the effort needed to edit that rough draft into something decent – but this year I’m just doing it for kicks so don’t need to worry. 

I’m thinking of writing something very dark and scary and bloodbathy.  I have much inspiration for that kind of thing from my housemate.  One of my housemates is driving me totally mental atm.  He’s a vile human being with many disgusting habits which I won’t detail because you don’t even want to experience them vicariously.  But the thing that bugs me most is prolly one of his least offensive actions…

See we live in a big, old Victorian house and we have had many dodgy housemates in the past so I ALWAYS leave the hallway light on at night.  I know it’s not energy efficient (although I did buy and put in one of the those squiggly light globes) but I’m not fumbling around in the hallway looking for a light switch in the middle of the night.

So the housemate, Twitchy Ritchie, has suddenly decided to turn the light off every time I turn it on.  The other night I was cooking some brown rice to freeze.  Brown rice takes a long time to cook and I didn’t want to hang around the kitchen.  Every time I left my room to check on it, he’d turned the light out.  He’s a damn freak.  I thought of banging on his door and yelling at him but I don’t even want to talk to him.  I think I’ll just make a sign and stick it over the switch. 

The really insane thing is that we don’t even pay the power bill – so he has no reason to suddenly decide to be Electricity Monitor.  And it’s not like he cares about saving power cos he goes away for days at time with his TV left on!


6 responses to “Movies and Random Stuff

  1. Wow, you hated Pulp Fiction? I wouldn’t have picked that! I’m looking forward to seeing Death Proof this weekend although I’m absolutely spewing they didn’t realise it as the Grindhouse double feature with Planet Terror and the freakin’ awesome fake trailers in between the two films.
    I want to hear how your flatmate bloodbath story goes. Unfortunately, I do that thing with the lights too. That said, if my electricity bill wasn’t so exorbitant and it was included with my rent or something, I’d definitely calm down.

  2. I would love to go to a ‘drive in’ movie theatre!~ reminds me of America! NOt that I’ve been there! One day. As for the flatmate, why don’t ya try turning his bloody light off and see how he likes it?

  3. I so know what you mean about the not hearing back from the ‘not quite right’ date. It’s annoying, which doesn’t make sense. Not that we fabulous women need to make sense.

    I haven’t seen Pulp Fiction. I occasionally think I should watch it just so I know what everyone is talking about and then I get over the impulse.

    Have fun with the bloodbath.

  4. How annoying about the light. Just tell him you are an intelligent woman and if you turn a light on it is for a reason and you will turn the light off when you are finished with it – not when he thinks you are finished with it!

  5. I LOVE DRIVE -INS…. ummmmmm im a bit of a light turner off-erer..oopsies..i dont care about the money…but my flatmate leaves about 5 lights on 24/7 otherwise

  6. Can you believe I’ve never been to the drive-in? Very sad.

    Good luck with the writing!


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