• The awesome yummy mummy, Kirsty, awarded me an absolutely fabulous blogger award.  Yahs!
  • I feel sick.  I’ve felt sick ever since I had a Thai Beef Salad for dinner last night.  Not good.
  • I went on a date last night.  An internet date.  Not much to say really – more “meh” than *squee*
  • Still sore from boxing — and my leg has gone blue along the shin!  Weird shit.  I think it’s a bruise or something.
  • Daylight savings rules.
  • I did no exercise today, because of feeling sick and it being windy. Bad me.
  • I did buy and play Singstar Legends.  I got my all time highest score (by a huge amount) singing Imagine.  I hate that song but it must suit my voice.  Yet I sing too low for Johnny Cash – huh?
  • Since I’ve done no writing for months, I’ve decided to participate in Nanowrimo.  It might get me functioning again.

7 responses to “Points

  1. The Man In Black takes up most of my ipod space! Far too windy today for any type of activity.

  2. i used to be a bouncer in my previous incarnation, ie a a few years ago. i learnt some good tips from other bouncers. One tip was if you want to look in control at the club when a punch up is to make sure you take 5 minutes to get to the fight, maybe look useful by pushing hte crowd back so no-one else gets involved, or move some tables out of teh way to clear the area a bit. Then after 5 minutes one steps in and you just very easily put them in a arm lock or whatever or push them apart and lead them out. you look like a legend, so the club owner thinks you are good, and it deters more fights, but the best thing is you do not need to do hardly anything. the reason was that after 5 minutes of punching the average guy is about to fall on the floor in exhaustion. hehe. Just about no guys other than professional boxers can punch for more than 5 minutes.
    Naturally you can do more cos you have been training for marathons and doing long aerobic sessions for a long time, but still it is very full on doing even more than a few minutes boxing, especially if you move around with the feet at same time, so thats a full on workout!
    No wonder you need a day off!

  3. It was far too windy to do anything outside yesterday.
    I love daylight savings b/c my little girl wakes up at 10 to 7 now, hurrah.
    Nanowrimo! Tell us more!

  4. Bummer about feeling sick, hope you are over it now. Internet dating eh? Hmmmm, have fun!

  5. hope you are feeling better.
    Internet dating is fun – its how i met my mam anyway. its good coz u getta weed out the idiots! (in theory)

  6. Ick, bet you don’t eat Thai Beef Salad for a while, if I get a funny tummy I always get put off the last thing I ate.

    I reckon if I got Singstar I would end up single again real quick. My sister in law and I were singing Karoke at a party once and my brother chucked the microphone out the window. Maybe it was just that the sight of his wife and sister singing Madonna’s Like a Virgin together was too much for him.

  7. Thanks for the Fab Award nomination a few days back! As you can tell I’m catching up on blog entries I haven’t read for a while!

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