My arms… I can’t lift my arms…

This morning was boxing class.  I’ve been to boxing classes before – the kind of classes where you do a 10 min or so warmup then the instructor explains the moves and you do some hitting then a few exercises and some more hitting.  Then a cool down.  You prolly do about 30 mins actual boxing in the class.

Not this class.

We spent the hour working.  Have you ever tried to hold your hands above your shoulders for an hour?  That’s hard enough without having to move and hit and remember combinations.  And count.  All at the same time.

I got yelled at.  A lot.

I loved it, can’t wait for next week.


6 responses to “My arms… I can’t lift my arms…

  1. Sounds like too much hard work for me right now! My butt is killing me after doing lunges the other day!!!! OUCH.

  2. AND count?
    You’re a legend 🙂

  3. Sounds like a fabulous class Kathryn. Hope you didn’t have to count too high!

  4. I was also surprised what a good workout, especially for the upper body, Boxing class is. I thought it’d be kinda like BodyCombat with no kicking, but the resistance you get when you actually hit with gloves and actually hit something instead of just punching the air, makes Boxing so much tougher!

  5. boxercise is awesome..yep holding arms above head for 10mins is tough enough..let alone an hour

  6. I LOVE boxing! Only problem is, everything hurts the next day. :s

    I’m getting me a punching bag for my new house. Yeah!

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