No only will there be no Cadbury’s tour, there will be no brewery tour.  I’m going to the NW Coast.  That’s nowhere near Hobart.  I lived in Hobart for a bazillion years – I’m all Cadbury’s factoried out anyways 🙂

I’m thinking about getting a spray tan before I go home.  Normally I’m not into any kind of fake tanning or real tanning either but I don’t want to be paler than Tasmanians.  I’m a bit scared though in case I end up some bizarro colour.

I decided since I’ve been snacking like a crazied eating machine lately, I’d get prepared.  I’ve made up carrot and capsicum sticks for work tomorrow.  I love carrot and capsicum sticks and would just as soon eat them as lollies etc if I have them on hand.  I just have to remember to get them out of the fridge in the morning.


4 responses to “Tassie

  1. Ha! That’s funny….a Cadbury’s tour would be a bit of a long day trip.

    Get the spray tan, but go for the lightest shade so you don’t end up looking like an Oompah-Loompah. Find a place that uses SunFX or Mystic Tan – they’re both good and not obviously unnatural. I love me a Mystic Tan. 🙂

  2. When I want something sweet or carb-y there’s no way a carrot stick would do it for me – well done being so prepared.
    I was thinking about doing the Hobart Cadbury HM until I found out the factory isn’t open that day LOL

  3. Hnmmmmm chocolate….

  4. Mystic Tan hey, sounds kinda cool. I hope you do it so I can check you out when I see you! I’ve been thinking of doing something to my legs. They’re scary as hell and glow in the dark.

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