Muscles and Family

I had my second NST session last night. She told me that I never fully relax my muscles. Even when I’m trying to relax I still hold some tension. She thought that it could be emotionally related and asked if I had any emotional issues that could be causing it. ‘How much time do you have?’ Well that’s what I wanted to ask, but I just said maybe. I have to practice being floppy!


I went over to Andrew’s last night. Now for his entire childhood I tried to get him interested in reading with no results. He read Harry Potter and some cricket books — that was his entire childhood reading (he didn’t just read cricket books – he devoured them and memorised statistics then would wake me up in the middle of the night to tell me cricket stats!).

So lately he’s been reading a bit – mainly bios about wrestlers and that type of thing but occasionally something meatier. I was going through his books to see if he had anything I could borrow and he had PARADISE LOST. Yeah Paradise Lost by Milton. WTF? Has anyone in the history of the world ever read that book unless they are studying it at school? I figure he has some girl (guy?) he’s trying to impress.


I’ve mentioned before that I’m going to Tassie soon for Nan’s bday party. Arrrgghhh my sister (the older one from Sydney) has started causing stresses already. I don’t get it, the rest of us are so easy going and happy to fall in with whatever Mum and Nan plan. I mean it’s a family hol so we want to spend time with our family, but my sister has to complicate matters. Then Mum gets stressed and it’s all just arrrggghhh! We’ve told Mum to just ignore her and if she wants to see us then she can fit in with us and stop being such a bloody princess.

I told Mum we’d bring the PS2 and Singstar down to play while we are there. Ma wants us to bring Guitar Hero too but I’m not sure about that – I’d have to take the guitar as hand luggage! I’ve also got her onto the idea of going to the Lactos factory cos cheeses make everything better.

Update:  Sorry guys but the Cadbury’s Factory is way off the list.  Tassie might be a small place but that’s like over 5 hours drive away.


9 responses to “Muscles and Family

  1. OOO cheese…. must do something with cheese tonight now! I hope you have a blast in Tasmania!

  2. I’d be off to the Cadbury factory first but there you go I’d rather chocolate than cheese.

  3. There seems to be a princess in every family 😉

  4. No, no….chocolate AND cheese! And a trip to the Cascade brewery, if you’re into beer. Or a nice winery somewhere.

    Tassie is a foodie’s paradise. *drool*

  5. I agree with Debbie. That Cadbury’s factory is da bomb!!!!

  6. I have a family wedding in 8 days, sister and sister-in-law to be are going all Jerry Springer………

    I refuse to get involved

    You can choose your friends.

  7. Hmm cheese! OMG how long til you go, what am I going to do for entertainment while i’m at work? Uh oh, please don’t tell me i’m actually going to have time to WORK!!!!??

  8. I was going to suggest the Cascade Brewery too, but Kek beat me to it!

  9. You know Kathryn, imagining lining certain annoying people up against a wall and shooting them is incredibly therapeutic. It can be even better when it’s family memmbers. Maybe you could try it before your next NST session.

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