Evil Yoga

At the end of yoga class last night, in the bit they call meditation but I like to call nap time, we lay on the floor focussing on our breathing and letting thoughts drift through our minds.  The instructor talked in her quiet, calming voice.  She said that sometimes meditation can bring up strong emotions and memories and from the past.

Somehow that got my brain ticking over.  Like how funny it would be if I started writhing around the floor like Linda Blair in The Exorcist (minus the head spinning and pea soup cos that’d be hard to pull off), shouting all manner of gibberish.

Of course I didn’t do it, but how funny would that have been? 


7 responses to “Evil Yoga

  1. DAt would have been hysterical…. and I would want to be right beside you! Awww go on, do it!!!! *BIG SMILES*

  2. That is the reason why I can’t do Yoga- I would think of something funny and would be giggling instead of concentrating on my thoughts.

  3. You are SERIOUSLY fucked in the head! I mean that in the nicest of ways possible!

  4. I started to giggle the other day when the instructor suggested we do some impossible thing. Well, impossible for me.

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall if you did the whole exorcist thing. Hilarious!

    How do you think of these things? Is it safe inside your head?

  5. How funny!
    I find yoga hard as I can not stop my brain ticking over and I do have similar thoughts!

  6. I do believe she meant you might start crying, not doing the head spinning thing.

    Once I was at a class where a guy started snoring really loudly. That was so funny.

  7. Bwahaha….I know exactly what you mean! 😉

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