I came home from work early today cos I was feeling sick – not sure if I’m sick sick or if I just broke something in my innards at the gym last night.  I had some sleep then played Singstar and it really hurt my diaphragm to sing!  I don’t think it was the weights that hurt so much as my warm up – I did 5 minutes on the rower and really tried to use my abs as well as my other muscles.

I went for a run this morning, doing more hill intervals.  I felt so much stronger than when I did them last time so that is definitely a good sign.

Andrew came over tonight – I hadn’t seen him for ages.  He is so funny sometimes that it’s a danger to drive with him in the car.  He has me in hysterics and I have to pull over to the side of the road.

I got a fabulous award from Briony 🙂  Woohoo!


I have to nominate five ppl to give it to, which is hard.  Only five!

I can nominate Briony back again or is that cheating?

Andrew – I love reading about his running and trips to the market and other bits and pieces (hope a fluffy pink fabulous award is okay  :))  And he did an amazing job finishing the marathon!

Kathy because she inspires me with all her awesome exercising and dragon boating (go read about it if you haven’t already).

Alison  who combines craziness and common sense in the most delightful ways.

Mary because she definies awesomeness.

and last but not least Kerryn because she is so generous at sharing her vast knowledge about fitness.

3 responses to “Ouchies

  1. Aww, ain’t you sweet! I dunno about “vast knowledge” but I’m always happy to share…


  2. Hi, I left you a comment to say thank you but it’s disappeared!

    I’m inspired by you Kathryn. Your half marathon effort was awesome.

  3. Awww…thanks for the award hon! If I was doing it too, I’d pick you too *suck suck, dribble, drool* 😛

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