So I decided today to impulsively buy one of those new ipods – my shuffle pisses me off because you can’t put playlists on it so it means I have to reload it to go from work music to running music (I listen to it all day at work).

I got home with the shiny new ipod and plugged it in but got a message saying I needed to download the latest version of itunes.  No problem, except my laptop only has Win 2000 and you can only run the new itunes on XP or Vista.  I don’t want to upgrade my o/s!  There are other programs you can use instead of itunes but it seems none of them are up and running for the new ipod yet.  Buggeration.

Still I’ve got a temporary workaround – I got my sister to load it up with her music.  She did it while I was at the gym and made me a whole heap of playlists too 🙂


Many times I’ve scoffed in the past, I think I’ve even scoffed on here, about how every single article on weight training in women’s magazines says ‘don’t worry, you won’t bulk up doing weights’.  Ha, I thought, like any woman is stupid enough to think they are going to turn into some huge she-man just by lifting a few dumbbells.

At the gym tonight, as I lay on the floor doing some crunches, I overheard a chick getting a program written up for her.  She sat on the leg press wailing because ‘it would make her legs bulky’.   I scoffed again.  Okay then I scoffed doubly cos I sat up and saw the trainer had the leg press set to 22 kgs.  Dude!  My nan could leg press 22 kgs and not get bulky!

Then she got up to walk to the next machine and my inner bitch scoffed again.  I thought, ‘legs getting bulky?  You’ve missed the boat on that one!’  Okay, that was a bit mean but she’d made some comment about chicks with ‘ugly muscular calves’ and I took it personally.

I did have one moment of (non-bitchy) achievement at the gym though.  Not only did I walk into the scary, hardcore weights room with all the meathead body builders, but I asked one of them where the seated row machine was.  I only ever go into that room to use the leg press (cos I don’t use the girlie one mentioned above) or to get a dumbbell cos the girlie ones only go up to 10 kgs.  Then I get all flustered cos the weights aren’t marked on the butch dumbbells properly.

Anyway the guy was really sweet and pointed me to the machine but someone was using it so the sweet guy came over and told me there was another machine I could use and showed me how to use it.

It really made me question how I have this mental thing about the girl/boy divide at the gym.  I mean it’s not just me, the place is set up so there is area with a few simple machines (plus the lighter dumbbells) in with the cardio machines then a second room with the serious machines and heavier weights.  And it does tend to be all female in the cardio room and all male in the weights room (because the girls don’t want to ‘bulk’ up, I guess).  But I see myself as a liberated, feminist type person immune from those sexist stereotypes.

The other weird thing is that when I was at Fitness First, I never had an issue.  I went to the gym at Knox a few times and every time I was the only female in the weights area.  It never worried me at all.  I think the issue could be that I’m doing a new program so don’t feel as competent.

Plus, at FF even the butch weights area wasn’t nearly so testosterone-charged.  Like the other day I went to get a barbell and, instead of having a rack of premade ones, I had to put it together myself (well I assumed I had to – I got scared and ran away).  I don’t want to be the helpless bimbo woman needing a ‘big strong’ man to help me out.  And I don’t want to have like some dude freaking out cos the fat chick is singling him out to talk to (yeah, that one came straight out of high school).

I guess the outcome of all this is that I have to toughen up and realise that I’m there to achieve my goals and I should do what it takes.  Even if that means asking for help.  And that the meatheads aren’t that scary.  Still I think I might go there one day when it’s quiet and go through my program when the staff aren’t so busy so I can start pestering them with questions (because 6.00 on a Monday is insane at my gym).

Just to finish:  Weight Watchers chocolate and hazelnut icecream = awesome 😀


7 responses to “Annoyances

  1. So you’re saying the meatheads actually speak? I thought they just grunted.

  2. I would be too scared to approach the beefcakes! I’m impressed!

  3. Oh, go use the guy-gym! Those meatheads are all too busy admiring themselves in the mirrors to be looking at you anyway.

    Besides, take a look around next time and I bet you’ll discover that half of them have NO idea about proper form. It’s actually pretty entertaining watching them all doing it completely wrong.

  4. It is funny the way the guys are in the weights room, and the girls are in the cardio room. i have noticed that for years in gyms. Just recently i looked at in with a slightly different idea.
    It occured to me that lots of guys do cardio outdoors, while there are girl runners i always notice that when winter or darkness strikes that there are many more male runners out our way. Then although netball and group sports suit some women, other women find they cannot readily make the exacting time commitments. i notice more guys playing rugby, football, cricket and other team sports.
    i think women may prefer indoor cardio at a gym due to feeling safer ie no night time running if they are late home from work. i also noticed how a lot of guys are home earlier than women, while many women are working in shops where they may not finish till late on some nights, and may not have saturday free for group sports.
    So after i considered these things, i decided that realistically weights and cardio are done by both sexes, and the main reason cardio rooms have got more women in them, is just because less women than men are game to do cardio outdoors, and women still do most of the housework and lugging of babies and shopping,washing baskets, gardening, and vacuuming, so they need less time in the weights room.
    something else i noticed in my years at the gym, the wanna bes are all about the ego and the look. The real body builders and fitness people are usually genuinely very helpful and freindly and they never look down on a new person making a sincere effort. To help me not mind if some guys looked at me like i was in their way in the weights room, i reminded myself they were simply “wanna-be’s” and probably had their mothers still doing all the garden and hard work at home, while they pretended they were working out so hard at the gym. The real fitness people usually are over that ego attitude thing, and genuinely like to see women using the weights room.

  5. You just reminded me I have to load on some new songs on my MP3 player. I need a new one. This one doesn’t shuffle at all and so I get the same song come up first everytime.

    As for the weights. Sometimes I just ignore the guys and do what I have to and sometimes, usually when I have new exercises to work on, I go all girly and shy and won’t go near the weights while there’s lots of guys there. I definately agree though that the guys are way too busy looking at themselves to bother looking at you. Sorry you probably didn’t want to hear that.

  6. I would kill to replace my cankles with your calves. Yours are the best – ever!

  7. LOL. You do have to wonder at some of the people in the gym. There are the women who won’t move benches from their “original” position and the ones who won’t use the leg press if they have to load or unload weights.

    I used to feel the same way about putting the barbell together and that was in a women’s gym. You’ll get over it. 🙂

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