A Tiny Workout

After spending most of yesterday slacking around, we decided to go to the movies last night.  Mum sent me some Village vouchers for my birthday but that means a trip to the Jam Factory or Crown and no freakin’ way was I driving to the Casino.  I thought Chapel Street would be a nightmare last night because the heat would bring out all the hoons but it was as dead as.

Before the movie we went into Intencity.  They have an AFL game where you get a footy from the counter and go into a cage thing and kick goals (or not if you are us).  It was lots of fun and I totally blame my awful kicking on wearing thongs (as in footwear not undies).  It really freakin’ hurts to kick a footy in thongs. 

Then I went on the boxing game.  The boxing game is totally awesome.  I won the first round!  You have to knock out your opponent three times to win the round.  Last time I played I got 1-2 knock outs but couldn’t win the round.  My god, ten minutes on that game and I was totally rooted.  It’s a helluva workout.  The ‘gloves’ are really heavy and you prolly don’t have to jump around nearly as much as I do but that’s half the fun. 

A family came in with a young girl and she was totally into it (and prolly getting her vocab expanded by my language *blush*) but the parents pulled her away to play a nice girlie dancing game.

I’d go back and do more boxing game workouts except it was $15 for parking.  I think I knew that but I’d forgotten.

The movie was awesome though – Superbad = super funny.

This morning I did a HIIT workout on the bike.  Why do they call it high intensity intervals?  Doesn’t intervals assume high intensity?  Like you wouldn’t do intervals alternating between slack and slacker, would you?  Anyway I worked up a monster sweat on account of it still being hot this morning.  Then I had breakfast… not a good move.  Next time I do a morning workout, I think the plan will be workout then shower then eat so the stomach has time to settle.

I’m hoping to fit in a weights workout tonight but not 100% about it – my arms are killing me from that bloody boxing game!


7 responses to “A Tiny Workout

  1. Superbad is great! I’ve seen it twice. I just loved Mclovin. hehe

    I love those games in Intencity too. My favourite game is the drumming one where you have to bash along to some random J-Pop numbers. The J-pop is pretty cheesy but I just love whacking the drums.

  2. Yep, I would alternate between slack and slacker, it’s all I know!

  3. That’s how I’d do intervals
    *snort* at the boxing game – it sounds hilarious!
    You could always get the train/tram to the Casino(?)
    Hey if you still want to borrow my Japanese tapes let me know

  4. So you finally got your boxing workout after missing it yesterday!

  5. Hi Kathryn, FYI for future reference, Jam Factory parking is only about $6 if you prepay as soon as you arrive. Much cheaper than paying when you go!

  6. Just you wait, within 6 months all the gyms will have the boxing game in.

    Sounds like a blast.

  7. I haven’t been to a games arcade for ages. My favourite game used to be Whack-a-mole, where you had to whack the little mole as he popped his head up out of various holes.

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