I didn’t make it to boxing yesterday.  After cleaning the house, I just wanted beer.  So sat out on the front porch and had a few quiet ones then went down to our fave cafe for a quick bite to eat.  We ended up sitting around with one of the girls all night until closing.  Funnily enough, I’m not hungover today – I got up and did a heap of washing up then had breakfast.  I’m tossing up going for a run – not really in the mood but it’s going to get up to 31 today apparently so if I don’t go now it’ll be too hot.

6 responses to “Booze

  1. You should arrange to do Burnie next year. 😉

    31 degrees! OMG. Sounds like beer drinking weather to me. yesterday was nice here, but today is not much again. we can’t seem to get two nice days in a row.

  2. 31 degrees here in Canberra too. Spent it at the Lake, sitting around between dragon boat races .. didn’t feel like exercise at all.

  3. I had a couple of beers last night – first ones for a while – they went down real nice!

  4. You are too funny – This is not the guide to losing weight :p

  5. Oh god how I envy you the lovely warm weather and beer! It’s still bloody freezing here, blowing a gale AGAIN…. yesterday was kinda nice though…. almost felt like summer (for all of 6 hours!).

  6. Ah yeah, i’m loving this weather. It’s brilliant!

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