Yesterday I had a session of NST (neurostructural integration technique).  According to the card I’ve got, they explain it like thus:

NST: an advanced Bowen technique, together with Kinesiology creates a powerful method of healing which initiates the process of natural auto-regulation to occur within the spinal column and consquencely the whole body.

I’ve got such a limited range of motion and, I’m sure, that’s a major contributor to my frequent injuries so I figured it’d give it a go.  Before we started, I was told it would take about 36 hours for my body to adjust to the treatment and I might have a few side effects including random pains as my body adjusts itself. 

Things started off okay – lots of poking and prodding – but by about halfway through the session, I could hardly speak.  When I went out to pay, I could barely grunt.  I went home and straight to bed, waking up several times to drink vast quantities of water. 

I still feel a bit light headed and unfocussed today.  It’ll be interesting to see how I am tomorrow.


I didn’t mean to imply by my previous post that drug addiction is victimless (have you ever been on the #86 tram?  The fashion crimes by junkies are vile enough on their own), but rather that taking recreational drugs isn’t such a big deal – even if our government is intend on spending a small fortune on telling us otherwise. 

Just to digress for a moment, I wept every time I see that huge hole in my payslip where the government has taken my lovely cash then open the mail box to find yet another glossy yet worthless booklet telling me how I SHOULD think and how I should tell my family to think.

Anyway, the way I look at it, I could go out this weekend and have a huge array of options for having a good time.  I could:

  • have a few glasses of wine
  • go to the races and put a couple of bets on the horse
  • pop a pill or two and dance the night away
  • go out for coffee and a scrummy slice of tiramisu.

I could do any of those things and have a fun time – I wouldn’t be hurting myself or anyone else.  These are things thousands of people do every weekend without any fuss. 

Now if I have a shitty day on Monday – if I have issues at work or a fight with a friend or I need to confront someone – and instead of acknowledging my feelings and dealing with the issue, I remember that I had a total buzz doing any of those things on the list above and I decide to smother my feelings by repeating that action then I’m hurting myself.  If I continue to do that every time a problem arises, I start hurting other people:  if I lie or  steal or sneak around to hide my problem; if I put my addiction before the people who matter to me; if I develop health problems.

Same problem, different manifestations – it’s not the bandaid you use to hide the wounds but the wounds themselves. 


4 responses to “Woosy

  1. How are you feeling now Kathryn? This NST sounds as though it has quite an effect.

    LOL. I remember your laptop story. Clearly shopping and running are an interesting yet challenging combination.

  2. Keep us posted on the NST effects, it sounds interesting.

    You are right – it is the degree to which you do things, and the effect they have on others in your life that is the measure of things. You put it very well.

  3. Very well argued on the personal freedoms front. and too funny about the 86 tram!
    While it does concern me that Mainwaring had a family who got left behind following a cocktail of drugs that appear to have been taken while Cousins may have visited, i am not minding at all if some people have one tablet of something while out dancing, as you say provided they do not drive or work in a way that might hurt someone.
    It is interesting that the government spends massive money advertising against illegal drugs, but then pushes that people on depression get valium and zoloft etc, and even children on ADD type drugs. The government cut funding for a lot of mental health services, then started pushing the drug company lines of get all depressed people on drugs. What they rarely say about in US is how many of the mass killings like at schools and universities are done by teenagers taking legally prescribed drugs that can have violence and disconnect with reality as the side effect. It is like it is regarded as very serious for a young person to have speed but ok for someone else to be prescribed diet pills, totally wrong to have a exstacy tablet, but totally supported to wipe one self out on valium and alcohol one night and drive to work in morning.
    This month is the anniversary of my brother killing himself on a cocktail of drugs, and i do know the underlying issues rather than drugs is the real cause of the trouble he went through. i really wish the govenerment supported people to overcome their stresses so they did not need to self medicate so much.
    Basically i just hope Cousins or any other person gets the assistance they need. The drug carrier with Cousins when they were arrested, may have had crysal meth, cocaine and all sorts of things. So it is not like if someone goes to a dance party and takes one ecstasy tablet, it the situation where people are starting to kill themselves that is hard for me to see. i would say it is their business if they kill themselves except that i saw how it affected my brothers child, and i saw how i lost my job, car and only savings to look after that child at the time. I am not saying that because Cousins visited Mainwaring when he took his lethal cocktail, that Cousins dealer knocked Mainwaring off or anything like this,but naturally the afl does not want to be seen supporting the pathway when athletes reach that point in their lives where things get heavy or life threatening, either through personal decision or failed business deals and moneys owed. but naturally when a family is left i just feel so sad for the children, it is so hard to get them to heal.

  4. Hope the NST thingie works. I’m taking a similar approach at the moment to sorting out my ongoing injuries. You have to treat the underlying cause, not just stick a bandaid on the injuries when they crop up.

    Sportsmen – I’m just over them and their bad behaviour and giant egos. And the excessive media attention. Pur-leeze!

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