God Damn You Maintaining Weight!

No change in the kgs this week.  Yeah I know I could have NOT drank my body weight last weekend and I could have stayed away from the goodie bowl at work and I could have said no when the girl at the caf offered me half her almond toffee cookie (actually bugger that – no I couldn’t have have said no).  Anyways, you get the point.  Bad choices + basically 2 days of no exercise due to the NST but…

I’m getting an exercise bike today.   Woohoo – lots of cardio before work.  Considering I’ve got to go home for Nan’s bday in 4 weeks, how much cardio can I do?  Like, if I do a HIIT session on the bike mornings then a run or other cardio in the PM plus yoga and weights and all that, is that too much? 

I went for a run this morning and got a massive guts ache.  Like my belly was on fire, not a normal running belly pain.  It’s gone now though so who knows what that was about?

No opinions on drugs or footballers or anything else today.  The other day, my sister and I walked in JB Hifi and over the to the iPod display.  The salesman looked at us and asked ‘do you girls have opinions on EVERYTHING?’  Is that abnormal?  Doesn’t every have opinions on things?  Ha, I’ll challenge you – give me a topic and I’ll give you an opinion on it.  No research or actually being informed or anything, just raw opinioning. 

And, I don’t care what anyone says, having opinions is a GOOD thing. 

 Okay, I tried but I’ve got to say it.  Who the fuck gets arrested for having non-prescription valium?  Who knew it was a crime?  Man, I could have been arrested many times over… and if I go down my Nan’s going with me, cos that biatch is my supplier!  Every time I fly o/seas, she sends me a cocktail of tranqs to ‘help with the flight’.


Ballet shoes:

Uncomforable for sure, they are too flat and don’t have enough support on the soles plus most of them rub badly around the heel on me.  I do have a some Dunlop Volley ones that are awesome (I’m wearing them at the moment) – thicker soles and much more comfy.  I do like Mischa Barton Keds too – not that I own any but I’m awfully amused by the whole concept.  My sister & I like to throw the phrase ‘Mischa Barton Keds’ into conversation as much as possible.

Smacking Kids:

I’m all for it in the right circumstances – it can be a bit socially unacceptable if they aren’t your own kids (although awfully tempting sometimes).  I reckon when kids are young, like pre-verbal, and doing something dangerous you need to smack them to get the point across.  It’s an instant reinforcement that they are doing wrong.

I don’t think hitting kids because you are angry about something outside of their behaviour is ever acceptable. 

When Andrew was young, he did something wrong so I thought I should sit him down and talk to him about why his behaviour was wrong, being all ‘good mothery’ and stuff.  He goes, “can’t you just smack me and get this over with?”  I never smacked after that (I used to ban the Nintendo instead.. ha).

Bonus Opinion:

In the paper today, some git wrote an article on why women shouldn’t sleep with dudes on the first date.  I double checked to make sure it wasn’t just some nostalgia thing from the ’50s but no, this was a genuine advice thing about dating.  WTF?  His whole attitude is that guys don’t respect you if you put out and they are actually wanting to you to put the brakes on their own libidos.  If a guy is interested then he’ll be back for a second date.

*deep breathe*

How about this – if I have sex with a guy on the first date then, if they don’t call again, I’ve at least weeded out losers who judge me on my sexual morals and who are going to be controlling arseholes.  And I’ve got a root.  It’s a win-win really.

13 responses to “God Damn You Maintaining Weight!

  1. Just got this through on an email….

    Gents I’m gunna lay it out for ya’ll to play it out!

    Ben Cousin will also be charged with Manslaughter of Chris Mainwaring and dealing a drug of dependance!!!!

    _ Can’t expose my direct source, but they work for the WA police force

    Will have to wait and see….

  2. ballet shoes, you know the latest trend in footwear. I want an opinion on ballet shoes from you mainly because I was wondering if I’m the only one who finds them frigging uncomfortable.

  3. Smacking kids….can I have your opinion on that one 🙂

    And YAY for maintaining….better than putting it on I suppose 🙄

  4. oh i like ballet shoes, i have a sketchers pair, which are a bit more comfy eh!
    i wouldnt have rsisted the cookie either, somethings are just irresistable!
    As for sex on the first date – its a personal choice! sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesnt, but if the guy really likes you, it wont be such a big deal to him!

  5. Ben Cousins is a tool and the only evidence I require to be presented is the tattoo across his stomach. But anyone who looks up to those people needs medical help!
    I am always worried that ballet flats make my calves look big.

  6. Sure, win-win….as long as it was a GOOD root.


  7. I fell prey to “if I buy a kitkat will you have half” today, I said yes, pretty quickly, hell it was free chocolate.

    My podiatrist told me that under no circumstances should I wear ballet flats they are bad bad bad, I do keep a pair in the car for driving though.

    I guess smacking kids is bad, but my dad smacked me heaps and I am ok (a grown woman rocking back and forth sucking her thumb is normal isn’t it?)

  8. Maintaining the weight is good! Well done!

  9. Hurrah for opinions!
    Smacking – agree with you. Don’t tell anyone but I occasionally slap my very verbal 3yo on the hand when she’s gone a bit feral.
    Ballet flats – ugly, add an instant 5kg to your arse and very bad for your posture.
    I had a wild one-night stand with a hot bloke who ended up my darling husband so *raspberry* to that article. As you say, win-win.
    Very interested to see what happens with Ben Cousins – clearly troubled, but would they have let him out of the country if your first commenter was right?

  10. Very funny post re opinions, and great that no topic is too sacred, even sporting people.

    You got me laughing about suppliers and cocktails with your Nan’s cocktail flight story, i needed to have a laugh and cheer up this week, thanks Kathryn, you are a brilliant writer!

  11. Chuckling away here .. thanks for the laugh Kathryn.

  12. LMAO! Thanks for sharing your opinions babe. I especially love the last one you always crack me up.

  13. That’s the girl, get all your opinions out there. Can I just respond to Sara, what’s wrong with tattoo’s on your stomach?? I haven’t seen Ben’s one, nor do I even give a shit who he is but I definitely wouldn’t judge somebody for their personal decision to get a tattoo!!

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