Tonight was supposed to be go-go dancing class but I wagged… again.  I’m starting to figure that I’m really bad at doing things that involve being committed to a certain time, especially when that time means coming home from work and relaxing then going out again.  I can do things that don’t involve being somewhere at a specific time but the whole class thing is difficult esp since I have editing class Mondays and yoga on Thursdays.  Two nights a week is enough.

Anyway, instead I went for a run.  Not a long run but I did hill intervals.  I ran around the block then up the big hill then down — 4 times up the hill altogether.  I could have done more but didn’t want to push myself after Friday’s ouchy leg-ness.  I really enjoyed the hills – enjoyed in that masochist way.  It felt good to push myself not to stop before I got to the top.

Tomorrow I want to get up early and go to the gym before work.  I had thought ‘ha, as if’ because I hate early, but then figured it’s all in the attitude.  If I want to do it then I will.   I’ve been thinking about hiring an exercise bike for the next couple of months.  I’ve been going to the gym up the road which is great – $4 for a casual visit, but their bikes are arse.  Mostly they are recumbent bikes or really old upright ones so I end up on the spin bike but they only have 2 of those.   Since I want to do intervals on the bike, it’s really hard when you have no read out.

Other than that, I’ve been listening to all the news on Ben Cousins.  I don’t get it – why is it okay for footballs (and other sports players) to go out and get shitfaced and sexually abuse women but taking drugs, which is a victimless crime, is such a big deal?  And I don’t get all this ‘role model’ crap – when Andrew was growing up, his sporting hero was Shane Warne, yet Andrew didn’t end up being a wanker.


10 responses to “Exercise

  1. OO I love that comment about Shane Warne…. he really is the most disgusting wanker around eh? And I ain’t saying it just cos hes an Australian!!! Good idea getting a bike for a while .. I love mine!

  2. Wow, excellent points. I don’t get it either.

  3. OK – I’m going out on a limb here but I completely disagree with your comment about Ben Cousins. Taking drugs is “victimless”?? Are you kidding???? I think the media are ultimately responsible however because I don’t understand how all this guff is newsworthy. You should try living in the West at the moment. It’s ridiculous! Ben Cousins is an idiot and a wanker and yet he is still being treated like some kind of God because he plays FOOTBALL???? Send him to jail and let that be the end of it. Vent over.

  4. Couldn’t agree more with Celeste – send the idiot to jail – he has had enough chances!

  5. better to err on the side of caution when injured..trust me… i KNOW! take care

  6. At least if you get your exercise done early you can feel virtuous all day. 🙂

  7. Having worked in nightclubs i have seen the amount of drugs that go down in melbourne each weekend. even when i worked in a top hotel for a year cleaning once, i lost track of how many mirrors from teh bathroom that had been taken down be the holidayers to cut their cocaine.
    another thing i noticed over the years is that if someone is a good muscician or dj or sportsperson or model or whatever there are always people who want to be a part of the “enteurage”, becaue if someone becomes a hero type others want to be around this energy. Some of the people who hang around also notice there is money to be made, so they start giving the “hero” the drugs for free, then they wait for them to rely on the drugs, and then they are guaranteed a part of the scene and usually a big load of money from the heros newly found wealth.
    Now some of these heros have made their money in only a couple of years, and are not used to the parasites that can pretend to be friends.

    Once the person has lost their good friends and only has the superficial, sometimes they have jumped in too far too fast, and they know no way out.
    i do not think drug addiction is a victimless crime, because sometimes when the fame money runs out, the hero then resorts to selling or selling themself, or doing shady deals to somehow keep the drugs and hero thing going.

    When non gay men sell themselves for drugs it can depress them quite badly, and it can also mean a girlfriend may be at risk of diseases, the hero may move away from the only good friends they had left out of shame. It is the same when the shady deals start, with families homes being ransacked and so much more.

    i think the worst part is when nobody knows if the drug dealers are after more money if the children or family members are at risk of being attacked also. Then if the drug user overdoses or kills themselves on drugs, the children or family take a long time to recover. Usually before they kill themselves, they come close to this on some occasions, the family live in fear, hoping if they take the drugged out abuse from teh loved one, maybe the loved one will not kill themselves. it is so sad to see children either the drug addicts kids, or brothers and sisters, or cousins, take abuse hoping that the drug user will not kill themselves.

    For many centuries people have done some drugs, but on the whole people had to keep fairly together most of hte time in order to survive, so while people may have smoked peyote to go into the dream plane on a special occassion, they had to be clean and clear for most of the rest of the year to function. The abuse of drugs where people just obliterate themselves, and stop looking after themselves or their families, is a really sad thing.

    i feel so sorry for the children or families of the footballers who have become drug addicts or alcoholics. In the past we people who became addicts after the vietnam war left them broken physically and mentally, or after their marriage broke up and they lost a job. It seems pretty weird how now it is all the people who are earning good money, looking beautiful, having their pick of relationships, being successful in their field, everything most people dream of. And yet they are being targetted by drug dealers, and fake friends, and some lose everything, even their life, and their childrens well being.
    Usually when people lose their jobs and friends, and generally if they take too many drugs they lose visitation rights to their kids. However when people are footballers or the like sometimes none of that happens, because they overlook the addictions, so then there is no wake up call till it is jail or undertaker. too sad.

  8. BLOODY good point! but have you seen Andrew’s Sent Items on his mobile phone? hehehhehe *g*

  9. Haven’t commented for a while because a lot of your posts have been about exercise, which is brilliant but because I have been so slack at doing any I haven’t felt like I have had anything of worth to contribute.

    I totally agree with your stand. Alcohol does an absolute shitload of damage yet it is okay to be blotto and treat people like shit but have a casual joint once a month with some mates and you should be locked up.

    It is a typical example of double standards that our governments are throwing into legislation all the time.

    It is illegal in NZ to smack your child’s hand if they touch a plug. Seriously it is. But…. you can take a boat oar and subject your son (who has spent two years living with someone else cos you didn’t want him)to a couple of days of beatings – to the point that blood is splattered all over the walls and you what do you get?? A pitiful 6 – 8 years with opportunity for parole in FOUR!! Four fucken years and you’re out yet you can do nearly a year for possession of cannabis?? Get on your soapbox all you want people, but how the hell do these crimes compare???

  10. I should add that the wee boy was actually killed – yes four years for murder.

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