Went for a short run on Friday night and, after the first km, all the hard work of stretching and yoga and massages from this week went out the the window.  All the muscles up the backs of my legs, but especially the right calf, snapped like tight little springs!

I didn’t help matters by getting insanely drunk on Friday night either.  At some point, I got up during the night to go to the loo and couldn’t even walk! So I spent all day Saturday in bed not able to eat and feeling particularly squeamish if I so much as rolled over.

This morning I missed the Spring into Shape run, but met with Simon to do this Roam (treasure hunt kinda thing around the city).  We were both as seedy as … and not coping.  The clues were insanely hard and we couldn’t get it together.  Then I nearly passed out on account of not having eaten for 36 hours (yeah, stupid, I know) so we had a food then kept going.  Finally decided to cut our losses and come home.

The leg is still insanely sore so I’m going to have to put my colour coded exercise schedule on hold and just do what I can this week.


6 responses to “Ugggh!

  1. Ah babe, when are you going to learn you get what’s coming? Self inflicted misery and all that. Derrr, hope you are feeling better today! So glad I hardly ever drink….. can’t stand hangovers.

  2. OH no you poor thing 😦
    feel better soon mate

  3. Ouch! hope u feel heaps better soon!

  4. Take it easy mate, a half marathon takes it out of you, I usually take about 3 weeks to feel normal again.

    Hope it was a good night 😉

  5. at least your calories would have stayed good! No eating and no exercise balances the in and out perfectly! Just joking! Get better babe.

  6. That Roam thing looked like fun. There were certainly a lot of people with earnest expressions on their faces and lists of questions clutched in their hot little hands.

    Finally getting around to posting this. My starting weight is a miserable 80.8 kg. Haven’t done any measurements. Have eaten loads of non-diet food since saying I’d join the race to 75 kg. Hoping to see you on the other side!

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