Getcha Head In The Game!

Briony and Kathy have thrown down the challenge to get to 75 kgs so the fight is on!  My nan’s bday is in 5 weeks time and I want to hit the big 7-5 by then.  Time to (to quote myself) stop dicking around and get serious. 

One of the things I need to keep me on track is to have a set weigh in day.  When I stopped having an “official” weigh in, it became easy to think of those scale numbers as all floaty and nebulous.   If the number slipped up a litte, it was just fluid retention or a “heavy” day – which would be fine except the numbers never slipped back down. 

So the plan is to lose the weight and be the thinnest of the granddaughters at my nan’s party and thereby gain her love and approval.  Ha, you think I’m joking – you haven’t met my nan.  She totally judges us by how much we weigh and how we look. 

Sometimes I think my nan’s vanity is the only thing that keeps her going.  She looks about 20 years younger than her age and is never seen without makeup or being immaculately dressed.  She moisturises every day and does her nails and never has a hair out of place.  When her sister was alive, the two of them battled it out to see who could be thinnest.  

So, my nan moved into the old people’s home recently after dismissing it as being for ‘old people’ for years (most of the residents are at least 10 years younger than her).  People tend to see these homes in a negative light but I think Nan’s had a new lease of life having other people around her after living on her own for so long.  She gave up knitting years ago because her arthritis was too bad but, now all the other women knit, so Nan does too.  And Mum wants to know how come an old woman with a bad back can be going to a party doing the Hokie Pokie 🙂 

My favourite Nan story from the past few months is this – the people from the home take her to the hairdressers every week to get her hair set.  A few weeks ago, they came to pick her up but didn’t have the car.  Instead they’d bought a wheelchair to wheel her back.  Nan flatly refused to be seen in wheel chair in the main street of town and marched out of the hairdressers and walked back to the home by herself. 

When I was about 5 years old, I remember Nan telling me that she’d not live to see her great children.  Now she’s turning 95 and has a great grandchild old enough to have children himself (not that he would cos I’d bloody kill him). 

For years, I distained the things she tried to drum into me but I’ve grown older and wiser.  I can see the sense in some of it.  ‘Never put your face in the sun’ – now that’s some damn sound advice.  Table manners and all that – annoying as hell when you’re a kid but you realise that it’s always good to know the right way to do things, even if you seldom do.  I guess that’s what most relationships are about – working with the things that are meaningful to you, learning to live with the rest.


8 responses to “Getcha Head In The Game!

  1. “I guess that’s what most relationships are about – working with the things that are meaningful to you, learning to live with the rest.”
    That is EXTREMELY profound!
    I have Fridays as weigh-in day coz I am slack on weekends. Monday would be far too tough.

  2. Monday is my weigh-in day. I don’t know why I do it that day as I always seem to go off the rails on the week-end!!

    You have done a 1/2 Marathon, I am sure you can be the thinnest Grand-daughter 😆

    Good luck!

  3. How sweet is your grandmother… I bet she has a few boyfriends up there as well…

    I weigh most mornings… just out of habit I guess.. but Not actual weigh in day as such.

    With the PT course that I am doing, it tells us not to focus on the actual weight, but measurements and your body fat %.. cos when you say you want to lose weight, you are actually saying that you want to lose fat!! And if you are exercising, you can lose fat but gain lean muscle mass, so the scales mightn’t change much.
    I have just purchased the body fat % scales… they are cool.. so cool…

  4. Now I have that damn annoying song in my head. Sheesh!! You know Anita sent it to me on Facebook. Was she purposely trying to annoy me?

  5. oh my! i have a great aunty exactly like that who greets us with, “oh gee! haven’t you put on weight dear” and the like. You will look fabulous no matter what – but i love the title of this post! gr8 inspiration.

  6. Damn, I wish I’d read this post before I ate those corn chips and that cheese tonight!

    My regular weigh in day is the first early morning when I’m home in Melbourne. I don’t weigh myself at all in between. I much prefer my morning weight to my evening weight. 🙂

  7. My dearly departed grandmother once greeted me with “Gosh Sara, haven’t you grown upwards and outwards”! Can’t wait until I am old enough to hurl out some barbs. I am going to tack onto your challenge- though I am still too scared to stand on the scales I bought last night.

  8. Your Nan sounds like a pretty interesting woman and I love to hear about things that make people tick. I am always fascinated by social etiquette and just how far one goes. I’ve got issues about doing things in public. Glad you can look beyond the vanity and let us know how you shape up with her! Remember to take it with a pinch of salt 🙂

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