I wrote a while back about how I’m just a social retard when it comes to men, but lately I’ve been thinking this is a good thing.  Sometimes it’s better to sit back and shut up and wait for the feeling to pass. 

I dunno if it’s just me but I get this hormonal thing, a few days before my period.  It’s like a mega-crush on some random dude and suddenly it seems like he’s The One, that my life would be perfect if only we were together.  I’d be like 10 kgs lighter and my hair would always sit right and I’d have the perfect flirty but not too slutty reply for any situation.  Our lives would be surrounded by sparkles and glitter.  If only I could work up the courage to say ‘hello’ or to bat your eyelashes in a seductive manner. 

Then, a few days later, you realise that you have been moping over a guy who can’t even get a job as a drummer in a metal band and you thank your lucky stars he’s never going to know.


8 responses to “Crushy

  1. Hehehe, I guess it’s related to my ‘super horny’ few days just before my period.

  2. Go on… have some fun on those “super horny” days… by the time it passes I am sure you won’t be married and you could give him the flick… just might be fun!

  3. I get the same before my period. At the moment I’m due and just can’t get enough of Blair, find him spunkrat beyond normal and just want to jump his bones.

    At least you hve good self control.

  4. This is what vibrators are for. Stay away from retards, you don’t need them, you have enough of them where you live!! ;0)

  5. Seems like a bad place for guys to be posting today … so I’ll just say thanks for the email Kathryn and see you Sunday!

  6. Our hormones have a lot to answer for – although it can be a lot of fun!

  7. It;s your body telling you to breed be careful on that one there’d be abit of a gap between kids LOL

  8. body goes a bit crazy for a few days before as all the others have posted!!!!

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